Saturday, May 30, 2009

Perfection - By Accident

Adolf loves fish. The Cook does not. Thus it falls upon Adolf to pursue piscatorial perfection.

Today saw a trip to the fish market and the acquisition of a Blue Moki for $20.00. These fish are cheap, man. $8.95/kg compared with snapper at $17.00.

For his money, Adolf went home with a kilo of fillets and a chopped up head for the cats.

The Cook buggered off for unspecified Cookly activities so Adolf was left to contemplate the highlight of the day, LUNCH.

The 'flap' portion of a fillet was diced into sashimi and tried with a blend of a desert spoon of soy sauce and juice of half a lime. Not very successful. The flesh was too hard.

Oh well, another failure.

So on to the smoking hot fry pan with a chunk of fillet, 15 seconds on either side and turn down the heat. As an afterthought, dribbled the remains of the soy sauce lime dip over the fillet and let it poach for two or three minutes.


Out of this world!!!!! Absolutely bloody amazing.

Succulent, tasty, glorious.

Well, you'd expect that, wouldn't you when you find out this species' staple diet is crayfish.

I'll just have to have another glass of sav blanc and an afternoon nap.

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I've never had Moki, I must give it a go.
Had my usual terakahi and chips at Silverdale the other day, which was delicious as usual.