Monday, May 25, 2009

Passionate or Pushin' It?

Of all the buzz words which have littered the business world in recent years, the one to be most feared is 'passionate.'

When I hear some person extolling the virtues of a CEO as being passionate about the business I immediately rush off to make sure there are no stocks held in that person's organisation. If I recall correctly Mark Bryers was 'passionate' about property investment and Rod Petricevic was 'passionate' about using other people's money. By Hell, those finance company entrepreneurs kicking their heels up in Turkey were surely passionate about fleecing the turkeys who were their customers.

When I hear some autocue reader telling the world he is passionate about the news, I wonder why? Could it be the real passion is for the next $50k increase in his annual emoluments?

Instead of so much faux passion spilling out all over the place, Adolf would prefer to see a return to some sober common sense and respect from within banking, commerce and journalism.

Speaking of quality journalism, I happened to watch an hour or so of Maori TV yesterday. A seafood programme fronted by Pio and a sports programme fronted by Glen Osbourne. Both programmes were superb. Refreshingly original, unpretentious, interesting and informative.

Ten times better than the tired junk served up hour after hour on TV 1,2 and 3.

They didn't need to TELL YOU they were passionate about their jobs. You could see it in their faces - even when they were sea sick.


Bevanj said...

I also caught a bit of Pio's show and thought it was surprisingly genuine and watchable.

Pique Oil said...

Whenever I hear one of these creatures tell us that it is Passionate about its career, I wonder what it does with its wife/husband/partner/hands in the privacy of its own bedroom. If passion can be part of the business world what sort of perversions make up the sex life of these creatures?

Anonymous said...

I used to get sick of seeing government jobs asking for someone who was "passionate about the environment", or a "champion of " something else

Actually no, you are civil servants whose role is to implement policy and provide dispassionate advice. Passion in a bureaucrat soon becomes zealotry in regulation.


Mr Dennis said...

Maori TV also covered the minor parties last election in more detail than the other stations did. Shame so much of their programming is in Maori, I might watch it otherwise... :)

Anonymous said...

Who's the gay dork with the blue scarf?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mr Dennis, do you have trouble with English subtitles?

Anonymous dork, it's Glen Osbourne whose gorgeously attractive and voluptuous wife will attest to the fact he ain't gay.

kehua said...

Oz looks like the poaka might have singed him by mistake.