Friday, May 29, 2009

Maoridom’s rich legacy!!!

In these politically-correct times, it is certainly a no-no for Pakeha to attack Maori as useless drunks and the like.
But what if Maori say it themselves?
There I was last week, outside the grounds of the Waitangi Treaty House with a mate debating whether to go inside.
New Zealand residents don’t have to pay, I noted.
My mate said he had no ID with him, but since he’s half-caste, I joked his face was his ID!
He commented this might have been the only good thing his Maori father had ever done for him!
Indeed, later on, he railed on about his useless drunk of a violent father who abandoned him and his Pakeha mum while he was a young child.
My mate is into ghosts and as darkness approached, he got the digital camera out and called out for any ghosts or spirits to appear.
None did so and he commented that since the ghosts would probably be Maori, they were obviously too lazy to appear. He attacked Maori for their drinking too.
It certainly does seem odd to see someone attack their own race, even if you are actually of mixed race.
But another mate of mine, who is also part-Maori, has also at times condemned his race for problems like alcoholism, lack of work ethic, etc, etc, with him having a similarly useless drunk of a violent father.
So, while the younger Maori generation pay for the sins of their fathers, what was the issue exciting Maori elders and leaders this week? The Auckland Supercity and their demands for guaranteed Maori representation.
In the meantime, their sons and daughters grapple with the issues caused by their parents and grandparents, and the issues of drunkenness, violence and family breakdown are tossed aside.
How will guaranteed Maori representation on the Supercity Council help these victims at all?
And aren’t all these Maori leaders continuing to fail their youth and their own people?


DenMT said...

Re-read your own post, Mr Journalist, and then tell me what you think the crux of your argument here is.

To me it reads like a total attack on Maoridom - you are pushing some fairly nasty stereotypes (Maori are violent, lazy, alcoholic, etcetera) through the convenient proxies of some part-Maori acquaintances. That you are a racist is not really any surprise to me, but that you state it so plainly is bizarre. I'll challenge you outright:

Do you think that Maori can be generally characterised as lazy, violent, and alcoholic?

I would also pose a further question, aimed at your worthless, throw-away comment in the last line "...And aren’t all these Maori leaders continuing to fail their youth and their own people?"

Which Maori leaders are you referring to, and exactly how are they failing their youth and their own people?



Well DenMT, I would go for the leaders who see representation on the supercity as a great priority.
I am sure much more benefit would accrue to my maori friends if their elders had focussed more on issues like alcoholism, violence, and broken families; things that alas Maori are over-represented in.

Do I believe such characterisations can be made?
Well, my part-maori friends are making them themselves, which is why I raised the issue.

I know and have known many maori, some fit the stereotype you mention.
Others succeed and prosper in their careers.
As I have argued in other posts, what makes you succeed or fail is not the colour of your skin, but how you take responsibility for yourself.
Sadly the stats do show problems for Maori and Polynesians, something the left themseles have raised too, albeit unintentionally sometimes.

I would like greater focus given to such issues like family breakdown, alcoholism and violence.
I see some hope from the Maori Party on the issue.

sheriff said...

I believe the Maori Party already have a number of policies regarding the issues you raise. They generally consist of a form of seperate funding and devolution to iwi and hapu authorities. Do you support these measures?

In regard to your criticism of Maori leaders, perhaps you could name the individuals you see as failing.

DenMT said...

I bloody knew you would do that, you spineless wimp. I asked for YOUR opinion, not your mates. Do YOU, as in YOU the person who is casting all this muck at Maori think that the undesirable traits that your 'friends' atrribute to Maori can in fact be attributed to them?

Or will you simply retreat behind your traditional gutless 'this is what someone else said, interesting isn't it, what do you think?' Get off the fence for once in your life and stand behind what you are writing. Bloggers generally have the balls to state their own opinion, not simply parrot out one belonging to putative 'mates'.

If I come across angry, it is because I am.

You also totally dodge the second question - which Maori leaders are failing their youth and people in what fucking way? Your diatribe is just so much bullshit that it is occasionally stunning in its banal worthlessness. Platitude upon platitude, without any substance to back it up.


Anonymous said...

Whilst driving up S.H.27 the other day I heard that the Maori were blaming the govt. et al for their children being unable to swim.


I soon changed channel


dad4justice said...

DenMT - I wonder if the Maori Party will go walkabout in Australia to blame others for child abuse or look within their own households?
Yeah right, all talk no action eh bro..

John said...

What a joke of a post! Claiming that somehow the views of some random guys without citing any fact, investigation, research is at best erroneous and fallacious and at worst blatant racism.

How about when you come up with something more substantive than random analogies, you let those of us able to engage in reasoned and sound debate know, until then you should stay off this topic. You are just embarrassing yourself.


Cheers John and DenMT.

Much as you criticise my post, your very attacks justify and confirm its argument.
I note that it is a no no for any Pakeha to criticise Maori.
I note that two very close friends of maori ancestry criticise their own race and I question what happens when maori make such comments themselves.
You claim I am making a racist attack when all I am doing is reporting their most interesting comments.
You direct your criticism at me, not them.

I do not believe maori or any race can be categorised, but some stats shows some races have greater issues with various matters.

Look at the Housing NZ bail address announcement this week, which led leftists like a certain Mr Bott to inadvertantly accuse Polynesians of being criminals.

DenMT said...

Not up to the challenge of communicating your own opinion then. Haven't got the stones to actually say what you personally think, prefer to simply use so-called 'friends' who may or may not be real as a mouthpiece for your dodgy views.

You are obviously not beholden to answer the questions I posed on the content of your post, but your silence is fucking deafening. I just wonder how you transport yourself from place to place without a spine - to you have some sort of mobility scooter?


Anonymous said...

DenMT ALL maoris are part maoris and its not a stereo comment. Most seem to carry chips on their shoulders ie the maori side of their bodies ps where do these stereo comments come from??? ie crime just look at the newspapers baby killings,the papers and a bit of a worry,this drowning of a women by a bunch of maoris because she had demons??? in her, PRIMATIVE and BACKWARD behavour.When the maori get their collective house in order , and stop whinning i then might be a bit more tolernnt.

KG said...

Maori as a group are more violent, commit more robberies and rapes, kill and cripple more children, are more likely to be on welfare,more likely to drop out of school,more likely to burgle your home.....
If you think that's a racist statement, DenMT you need to get out and about a bit more or grow enough spine yourself to admit the truth of what's staring every Kiwi in the face:
Maori are the predominant welfare and law and order problem in this country.What's racist is making excuses for an ethnic group because of their skin pigment and what's racist is holding them to a lower standard for the same reason.
If you can't face the truth, go fuck yourself and leave it to those who can.And don't talk about "spine" when all you can do is parrot the PC leftard line. Around people like you I regard the 'racist' epithet as a compliment.

mawm said...

Well said kg.

WAKE UP said...

I'll tell you what's racist DEN;

When a success by a Maori is called a "Maori success", but a Maori failure is called a national statistic"" that is someone else's fault - that's racist.

When a tiny drop of Maori blood let's you access funding and votes that you wouldn't have otherwise, and which aren't available to others, until you decide that in some instances you don't want to be "Maori" after all - that's racist.

Refusing to abandon cultural practises and "traditions" that prevent you entering a clearly superior modern world, and then blame the modern world for not wanting to go backwards - that's racist.

Saying you deserve something that others don't simply because of what you are - that's racist.

As for refusing to grow up - that's merely stupid, and produces the predictable result.

Anonymous said...


You want leaders names?

How about Parekura Horomia; Hone Harawira; ANYONE leading Tainui.

They have ALL failed their people because they are fail to admit their problems. They are too quick to blame the white man, institutions, a bad hangi, George Bush, John Howard and the moon.

And of course, they have twats like you supporting their laziness because you probably have a vested interest in doing so.

Absolutely crazy.

the other foot said...

Fairfacts - I had a white friend who was a victim of white-collar crime who chastised his own race for their greed, dishonesty, and lack of business ethics. It certainly does seem odd to see someone attack their own race. Why are white leaders failing their own people?

Mr Tips - a catholic friend of mine was brutalised by nuns at school and condemned his own religion. It certainly does seem odd to see someone attack their own religion. Another catholic friend was molested and raped by priests. Why are catholic leaders failing their own people?

Maybe it's because twats like you support their sick perversion because you probably have a vested interest in doing so.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

DenMT et al. The fat Druid bitch from Nga Puhi who couldn't work with Christine Rankin has been one of the worst apologists for Maori shortcomings and they are many. Believe me, I have blood and I grew up there. So don't you dare come here prattling from afar about racism.

Anonymous said...

Other Foot

Who said I supported the actions of the paedophile, violent and dissembling clergy of the Catholic church?

I support them as much as I support the drunken, wife and child beating Maori parents. (And any other ethnicity you care to name).

This post was about the leaders.

And if you want to make stuff up just to take a swipe at the RCC be my guest, it won't solve any problems.