Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Making a pig of your SAFE pork campaign!!

As the son of a Yorkshire pigfarmer, naturally I am following the Safe pork/ Mike King story with interest.
I recall my dad's 'farrowing unit' featured sow crates just like what people are moaning about.
As a teenager then, I recall saying to him that it did seem cruel that the pigs were trapped like that.
But as he said, the sows do have a tendency to roll around and crush their young.
So the farms are perhaps right in a minimal use of such stalls, if that is what they do.
Of course, it might well be better to let the pigs run free and run the risk.
But back to the SAFE campaign. The campaigners have been invited to name the farm filmed on tv, but they have refused.
I saw Close Up last night and I recall the Pork industry boss was happy to show King and a camera crew pig farms at random.
But either way, if SAFE, is serious about pig welfare it will identify the offending farm and allow a public outcry or the agriculture minister, or the pork industry council to close that farm down.
In the meantime, however, SAFE seem intent on allowing pig cruelty by not idetifying the farm and this is being noted by the blogs at least. And in that respect , they are now making a pig of their campaign, as it will truly backfire.
As for the pork industry, it may well be up to government to legislate. But there will be a need for education for consumers and better labelling of pork products.
Pig-friendly pork does cost more to produce. An extra $2 a kilo, apparantly, Is the consumer happy to pay it?
40% of pork is imported. What standards were those pigs raised in producing it?
These are issues the industry and consumers need to face.
In the meantime, if TV1 wants to be naughty and cause some more distress to the pork industry, it can bring out an old movie.
I remember my dad moaning most bittery when Babe, the film featuring a 'talking' pig came out.
British kids did not want to eat cute little piggies anymore and their parents acquiesced and pork sales, and hence pig prices plumetted!!


KG said...

Well, I'd certainly be willing to pay and extra $2 a kilo for pork produced under more humane conditions, FF.
Having toured a couple of pig farms and seen the way the poor buggers are treated I reckon it's a blot on our humanity.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Don't put ideas into leftists' heads.

KG said...

The only thing I'd like to put into leftist heads weighs...
never mind. ;-)

Buggerlugs said...

Mike Kings is a prize **** and not exactly funny even when he's trying hard. Perhaps he sees this as a new career move a la Philip "Don't Shoot!" Alpers?

JC said...

As i've mentioned elsewhere..

And fortunately we dont see awful pictures of overseas piggies being "tortured", so thats OK to import.

As the Herald story shows SAFE state that the practice is legal, that the farm where the film was shot meets MAF standards and that its neither the best or worst of the practice in NZ.

In short, its a non story of normal international practice, *except* that only NZ would be dumb enough to run it in a major recession and call NZ farm produce and practice into question in a world thats looking for any excuse to ban foreign produce.


Anonymous said...

I seems that Mike king has changed tack on how good pork is since he lost his promotion contract and now is able diagnose by looking into an old swines eyes at night that it suffers from depression.If he takes Paul Henry's advice (remember the moustache lady)he will need to form a group to protest.I suggest he call it Prevent Indignities to Sensitve Swine(PISS) for short

JC said...

"I seems that Mike king has changed tack on how good pork is since he lost his promotion contract and now is able diagnose by looking into an old swines eyes at night that it suffers from depression."

I resemble that remark. Sue Kedgley might be a bit battered, but she's not that old, and the fact she can still squeal and froth with the best of then is proof of that.

(And she's actually been in a sow crate)


Falafulu Fisi said...

Pigs have no concept of humane or inhumane treatment, so it is irrelevant whether they're being treated nicely or not prior to butchering them. The farmer is more important than his pigs (yes, the pigs are his/her property) and not the other way round as SAFE had made it out to be.

kehua said...

safe. They used to be called` anti-vivasectionalists` are just a bunch of vegan activists who some years ago rebranded as SAFE (after all little old ladies would not leave their fortunes to an outfit with a name like that) to better suck the dollars out of a gullible public. Founded by one sick fuck named Dr Peter Stringer who amongst other ravings suggests that beastiality, yep you got it right `piggy fucking` is not only aceptable but in 70 years time will be regarded in the same way that homosexuality is today. They are cunning liars and can manipulate the media at will. Amongst their fans are Johns Banks and Campbell and just about the whole cast of Outrageous Fortune and awhaole gaggle more of self proclaimed celebs all of whom seek the limelight when these issues are aired. AS for Mike `the filthy mouthed`King my pigsty is cleaner than his vocabulary, the wanker.ps If you are of a mind to actually save animals then donate to RSPCA.