Monday, May 18, 2009

Labour Joins National Rugby League

Has anyone else noticed the uncanny similarities between today's Labour Party and the NRL off field antics of seven years ago?

Back then, prominent members of the NRL sexually abused women groupies and patted themselves on the back, congratulating themselves on their superior prowess and stamina.

Today, prominent members of the Labour party and their literati groupies verbally abuse women, congratulating themselves on their superior intelligence and perspicacity.

Unfortunately for Labour, they haven't got a clue what message they are sending to voters when they open their raucous mouths to deliver their salvos against Christine Rankin, Melissa Lee, Anne Tolley and Paula Bennett.

The mental image they are creating is of de facto leader Trevor Mallard and his rag taggle team of cowardly bullies, screwing over every female MP or personage within sight, while not daring to take on the big boys Key, Hide, Brownlee, Ryall and Power or the tough political operators like Collins and Roy.

The women voters of Mt Albert will be watching carefully.

More and more Adolf is becoming convinced the Greens will defeat Labour in Mt Albert. More accurately perhaps, Labour will defeat themselves. It is though they are flailing around with no clear strategy and even less tactical competence while The Greens are simply walking over the top of them with better strategy and excellent tactics.


Anonymous said...

Labour seems to have been taken over by Young Labour and Trevor Mallard and as such their behaviour is slightly immature. Check out the Stranded for examples.

They also seem to think that if they keep going on about National being unpopular it will suddenly become true.

Apparently JK's rating are sinking fast!

So now Phil In rates 9.2%?

If Nationals popularity is dropping, the Labour Party most certainly is not picking up the slack.

pdm said...

Adolf I love the phrae - `de facto leader Trevor Mallard'.

If he is the best they have then they are in the mire up to their necks.

Psycho Milt said...

Can't type... the irony of right-wing bloggers complaining about opponents' treatment of female MPs is pinning me to the floor...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

BTW the pic is of a group sex scene from the Amazon jungle.

Andrei said...


female politicians should not be able to hide behind the skirts of their gender.

Please leave that sort of identity politics to the lefties.


True Andrei

Women can take and give as much as the men.

But Adolf is doing a great job in highlighting Liarbour hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Naa, Labour & Green will split the lefty vote
and Melissa Lee will stroll through the middle!

Still don't understand the point of Boscowen running.
Why can't he do something rather more useful with his time: like getting Labour MPs prosecuted.

WAKE UP said...

ALL of you are fantasising :)

backin15 said...

What Psycho said.

Evan said...


Christine Rankin, Melissa Lee, Anne Tolley and Paula Bennett have emerged as weak links in the ACT-led government.

Christine Rankin also came under heavy fire in the NZ Herald this week, culminating in today's Editorial. Note also Peter Dunne has somewhat broken ranks too. The suicide in Oct and marriage in Jan is not a great look for someone who claims to understand families.

Melissa Lee was unfortunately over-sold by National, and has been found very short on delivery. She is also a candidate in an imminent by-election and therefore she becomes a target.

Paula Bennett seems naive, full stop.

Anne Tolley is under-powered for a big portfolio like Education and already the National direction looks like ACT or Business Round Table. She seems very open to manipulation from all the wrong people.

On the other hand, Tony Ryall is looking good, don't you agree? He has been involved with Health for years and years, and it shows.

Simon Power has looked good - with an eye to the future, he should have been elected deputy.

Hide is certainly getting heaps about super Auckland.

And Gerry Brownlee is a big boy physically, but vulnerable politically. He does not have the portfolio these days to attract too much controversy.

I agree that the Greens are strongly placed for Mt Albert. Best of luck to them.