Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Inuendo, Half Truths and Bias

The media, and in particular The Herald, continues with it's shameful pursuit of Christine Rankin.

John Armstrong, for whose writing Adolf has great respect, lets himself down with a couple of unsubstantiated assumptions. The Herald editorial is worse. Straight tabloid crap full of innuendo, bias, invective, sanctimony and pious bullshit.

Readers should search the Heralds's archives and wonder why the same invective was nowhere to be seen as day after day this sorry rag reported each killing of a Maori child. Then write to Tim Murphy and ask him why.

Here's John Armstrong:-

".....despite further questions about her suitability being raised by disturbing revelations about her private life carried in last Sunday's newspapers."

The 'disturbing revelations' have been soundly booted into touch by Ms Rankin and people close to the family.

"Still also in question is the damage this episode has done to the Families Commission's credibility, given most people will now assume the organisation is about to become a mouthpiece for Rankin."

Not true, Mr Armstrong. This Commission never had any credibility. Most people will assume the Commission might now find the gumption to stand up and actually make the hard calls which are necessary if we are to solve our outrageous problem of child abuse in Maori families.

Similarly, Audrey Young does herself no favours with this gem:-

"It is understood the Government has been shocked by the fallout over her appointment which, instead of dying down, intensified after murky details of her private life became public at the weekend."

Murky? Goodness me. I can find allegations about almost every cabinet minister since the Crimean War which could better be illustrated as 'murky.'

Here's what passes these days for serious editorial comment.

"If Ms Rankin had been appointed Children's Commissioner, it might be appropriate. But this four-times-married woman has been appointed to a body whose brief - providing a voice for New Zealand families - is altogether different."

The Herald fails to tell us why it is altogether different. It's as though we are meant to believe that somehow children are things which have no place, let alone pride of place, in families. To be spouting this nonsense indicates The Herald has succumbed to the social engineering of the last nine years. Ms Rankin's appointment already has gone someway to undoing the damage.

Then we are told she achieved nothing of note while she was at WINZ or since.

What the writer actually means is that his media bloodhound colleagues reported nothing of note, other than the much publicised Wairakei Resort conference which, as a matter of interest, was a relatively inexpensive affair compared to private industry functions at the time. (And Adolf can attest to the fact that the so called 'luxury resort' in fact was and is pretty ordinary and would not have rated more than four stars.)

The piece de resistance however, for which she must pay the ultimate price, is the sin of 'being seen dancing WITH HER HUSBAND' at the National Party election night do at Sky City.

What an absolute scarlet bitch she must be. You'd even suspect she paid for her own ticket to the ball!


Alan said...

The 'poxy' Herald and other news media are painting Mrs Rankin as
a criminal, as if she has
transgressed the law of the land in some serious way. I am no
advocate for Mrs Rankin, in fact I am 'so so'about her appointment, but I
find the Herald in particular has
a crusade going against Mrs Rankin.
That newspaper has lost credibility. Some of the journalists in that organisation ought to take a running jump at
themselves they have gone that low.


It is quite shameful the hounding she isgetting.
It's quite reminiscent of that faced by Sarah Palin.
Aren't there hordes of journos hanging around Rankin's home town/suburb, going through the bins, looking for the used condoms, etc, etc.

Funny, as Ian Wishart noted yesterday, the media seemed less interested in the private affirs of David Benson-Pope whose private life may well have had bearing on his actions as a minister.

I heard Paul henry on Breakfast tv say the media was right in persioung Rankin.
If that is so, then why did they not persue Benson-Pope.
At least let us have some consistency on the issue.
As for Waireki Thermal resport, yes, no more than 4 stars.
It is so cheap I have stayed there!
Expect to pay around $110 a night.

Lou Taylor said...

As you pointed have pointed out Adolf, Rankins appointment was brilliant.

Nothing like a cat amongst the pidgeons to stir up the true colours of the left.

The problem is that the pidgeons have got so fat over the last decade, they don't even realise how stupid they look trying to fly.

Redbaiter said...

This just shows you that as I have always manitained, the mainstream media and the Herald in particular are just a voice for left liberal poseurs of the ilk that are slowly driving the New York Times into bankruptcy.

Poisonous intolerant hate merchants and cowards who will persecute anyone they perceive as not fitting the approved mould- a wet university indoctrinated pseudo liberal socialist.

I'm no fan of Rankin, but this bigoted hate fest in the media is appalling, and it only increases my resolve to see these disgusting scum go broke. Don't ever advertise. Don't ever buy. Starve them to death.

Anonymous said...

Wishart and some on this blog hounded ‘Klark’ day after day, month after month over her private life –her “sham” marriage to David, her alleged lesbian relationship with Tizard all in the name of relevance due to the position she held. Sure, Rankin holds a lesser position but you either have a principle of “fair game
or you don’t. Why don’t some of wake up and smell the shit you’re shovelling.

Anonymous said...

Anon is abviously one of the Leftie 'haters and wreckers', can't get over the change of government and is stupid enough to believe all the poisonous Leftists lies. Well, National won, so stiff cheese, it's about time the social engineers were put back in their little box.

Liz Black.

Redbaiter said...

" her “sham” marriage to David, her alleged lesbian relationship with Tizard all in the name of relevance due to the position she held"

Maybe, but true or not, you're missing the point, and that is that the mainstream media is politically partisan. Prepared to subject Rankin to intense scrutiny while doing smoke screening propaganda for Klark.

Why else do you think journalists (so called) are universally held in such low regard?

Stinking liars and promoters of socialism- while they pose as objective commentators.

Scum who apparently don't even know or understand the old adage about fooling all of the people all of the time.

adamsmith1922 said...

Waireki resort - pah, 3 star at best

WAKE UP said...

1) I can't find anything in Rankin's history that suggests she should have this job
2) That said, I can see also see nothing in her personal life that justifies the appalling media behaviour towards her
3) conclusion 1: both she and the media should shut up and bow out gracefully, and keep a lower profile, thanks
4) conclusion 2: those factors aside, it's clear that vast swathes of the media and bureaucracy have not yet woken up to the fact that, like the collapse of the Soviet union, the days of Helengrad are over, and they're NOT COMING BACK

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

anonymous No 1.

This blog railed not against her marriage but against the fact she paraded what was and is clearly a sham in order to create a false image of respectability. It was her interviews with Paul Holmes which were the final straw.

Inventory2 said...

Interesting to read today that Rankin is not the only Families Commissioner to have had one or more failed marriages - yet she is the only one under scrutiny.

Says a lot dunnit?!

Andrei said...

Sorry but National has screwed up big time here and faux outrage and spinning will not not alter that fact one whit.

If this were a labor appointment you would be all over it like flies on shit.

This is the theater of the absurd if you want my opinion, which after all is as valid as yours

Psycho Milt said...

"If this were a labor appointment you would be all over it like flies on shit."

Andrei nails it.

Lou Taylor said...

If nailing a fly to a shit is indeed possible,then you might be correct Milt, but all I see is a whole lot of lefties in a tizz because someone comes along who upsets their carefully arranged PC natural order.
The real question is not if Rankin is suitable but why we need a Families Commission, which has achieved nothing of any real value but cost plenty.
That is a question no lefty will ever ask.

baxter said...

The Herald editorial statement that she was dancing with her husband to be at Sky City the night of the election has been exposed as a malicious lie by a caller to Lieghton Smith this morning. Christine attended the function with his party she was not with her husband to be. (He was in Wellington)and she did not dance with anyone that night....As for ANDREI and PSYCHO...No-one made a fuss when Gangster and Convicts' agony aunt Kim WORKMAN was appointed by Liabour..No-one objected to all the business appointments given to Red KEN DOUGLAS, Joris DeBRES race relations or Ross NOONAN Human Rights and how bizarre they were for the positions they were appointed.

Anonymous said...

I didnt helen was married to a David......

Craig Ranapia said...

If this were a labor appointment you would be all over it like flies on shit.And you'd be calling him a panty-sniffing little creep (to coin a phrase), so lets try and make the charges of partisan hypocrisy a little less... hypocritical.

Speaking for myself, I'm quite happy to extend the same courtesy to Christine Rankin that I did to Helen Clark: Your marriage, none of my business and not a matter of legitimate public interest.

Meanwhile, if you want to talk about public hypocrisy and private lives certain journalists and editors might care to put their own houses in order. Especially the master bedroom. Sauce for the goose, etc.

Anonymous said...

Helen clark ne davis, was she the lesbian who fucked our country up for 9 years, wheres she gone to POOR FUCKERS i hope she dosnt control me in any way, WHERE DID THIS opps she end up, help please