Monday, May 25, 2009

Hikoi and Hope

The more I think about the Supercity the more I like it.

It is bold.

There are too many comfort zones out there that are unaffordable. Councils are like turkeys. They will never vote for an early Christmas.

They would carry on rearranging rates, like deckchairs on the Titanic, knowing full well that they have a guaranteed place in the lifeboat.

The rates under a Supercity may not be cheaper, but the real value of them will be the message they send to people, that change in how we do things is possible and can work.

It is also an opportunity to tell the Maori that they are actually just New Zealanders like the rest of us. The seperatism charity that they want from us because they happen to be a different colour is wearing a bit thin. I am very happy to see elected Maori representatives on the council along with any other race that may care to stand.

Our politicians have the opportunity to get us one step out of the economic and racial quagmire that we now inhabit.

Bring it on and then take the thinking to Wellington.


KG said...

Too bloody right!

Observer said...

The separatism charity that they want from us because they happen to be a different colour is wearing a bit thin
Absolutely. Let's get finished with paying out compensation that never seems to get down to the "average Maori family" and start all living like New ZEalanders, or Aotearoans. Otherwise I fear a Liberation Tigers of Maori Aotearoa movement just might get started. (I wonder how big the Maori disapora is?)

coge said...

They are starting to squeel about it already on the Kapiti Coast. Bring it on, Wellington.

baxter said...

The claim is that Auckland is the biggest Polynesian city in the world. The Hikoi was supported by Pacific Island Leaders and Maori so if they can't organize enough voters to elect several of their own, then they lack the ability to govern the city. The numbers are in their favour to dominate the at large councilor vacancies. There is no need for apartheid.

Observer said...

Could 'ave started in Wellington a few decades ago if you asked me!