Thursday, May 28, 2009

Herald Harassment Continues

The mud stained Herald is obsessed with Christine Rankin.

Today it tries to dream up a story by revealing (quelle horreur) that 'officials' did not recommend Ms Rankin for the position. (Note the habitual use of the most uncomplimentary picture of its victim.) When you read the story, however, you find her name WAS listed by these same officials as one of 'those deemed suitable.' Hellooooooo?

So the real story is that officials supported the appointment.

The fact that the officials' four 'recommended' individuals were overlooked is a good sign. It means the gummint is NOT pandering to socialist politically correct officials who have been indoctrinated for nine years in the ways of Labour and it's gang of crooks and frumps.

It looks as though it's time to set up a weekly Junk Journalism Award to go with Home Paddock's annual Mediocres.


Psycho Milt said...

Note the habitual use of the most uncomplimentary picture of its victim.

Maybe they learned that from No Minister?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I wondered how long it would take you.

WAKE UP said...

You guys can score cheap points off each other as much as you like, but the only three things that actually matter are:
1) there is NOTHING in Rankin's C/V that suggest she is suitable for this job
2) the Herald has no credibility on ANY issue
3) therefore, both Rankin and the Herald should shut up and pull their heads in
oh, and 4): you guys should stop wasting your time on this furphy

Anonymous said...

PM, are you a Labour voter?

Anonymous said...

500 bucks a day for her and the other waste of timers. People fucking work hard doing useful productive work for 200 or less.
Stinking bunch of bludgers really.