Monday, May 25, 2009

Did your daughters turn you into a lefty???

It's crazy survey time and one I saw in the NZ Herald says daughters helps turn people into lefties while sons cause a swing to the right.

Now, that might apply to Poneke, but what about Adolf and Whaley, plus all of the other righties with daughters.

And what about lefties with sons?

Have I just discovered a crap suvey or is it right?
I am sure our mothers and fathers out there can tell us.


workingman said...

Fairfacts Media,

Well I have 1 daughter, and if I look back at it I have turned from being a socialist since she was born. So totally the opposite effect on me. I realised I did not want to see her grow up in what I was finally realising was a crap system.

Andrei said...

Have I just discovered a crap suvey 

Does the sun rise in the east, does crap stink?

I have three daughters btw and a son

Psycho Milt said...

Well, the social sciences are basically all about finding correlations and then making shit up to explain them - this one seems fairly representative of the field.

Psycho Milt said...

Further to the above comment:

"I am sure our mothers and fathers out there can tell us."

No, they can't. They can only tell us about their individual situations, which offers no useful information about likelihoods revealed only by sampling thousands of people. For example, if a survey finds that 90% of gentlemen prefer blondes, and you ask a gentleman and it turns out he doesn't prefer blondes, you have discovered nothing more than his individual preference. The survey could still be completely accurate in its assessment of probability.

The fact that a lot of social science is crap doesn't render the survey results involved in social science untrue. For the most part, it's the attempts to explain the survey results that are crap.

dad4justice said...

Two son's and two daughter's and we all agree - psycho talks crap. Couldn't resist Mr Lefty Milt :-)

Anonymous said...

Two daughters one son..

I'm a little right of Maggie T.


Anonymous said...

Without the handbag :-))


WAKE UP said...

Did they ask about families with equal numbers of sons and daughters? What does that produce? Fence sitters? :)

Skyman said...

A son who is one tough police officer.

A daughter who is married to an Air Force officer.

I have NO idea where that falls in the survey but not a lefty in this part of the family.

Anonymous said...

Yet you cite, repeatedly, all those other "studies" which apparently demonstrate that right-wingers are nicer, happier and sexier that lefties. Inconsistent much?

Judge Holden

Simon said...

The Science News Cycle - A Visualisation


I should have recalled my parents' experience in the UK.
They started off working class UK Liarbour, but shifted rightwards as they grew older to voting Conservative in the mid-1970s.
But despite having two sons, I thought the shifting political stance came from them running their own busiensses and seeing the failings of UK socialism.

kehua said...

Nope mine tried to turn me into a destitute old man. Fortunately I won.