Monday, May 18, 2009

Blamange Squeezes Rock

Tracy Watkins writes rot in this morning's DomPost.

Well, actually it's the headline writer who wrote the rot.

Squeeze goes on to dump Rankin

When you read on down, you find the 'squeeze' is being applied by none other than the cotton wool cowlicked Dunny and The Man Who Never Is, Filk Goff.

John Key will know that out where the votes count in 2011, Ms Rankin's appointment will be worth at least two percentage points of party vote. If he forces her outbecause of the mewling of outraged social engineers, he will lose big time within the constutency which put him in. Country New Zeealand.

Tracy, she won't be dumped. Barnseley, she doesn't have to 'perform on TV' You'd think from all the screeching that she had been appointed the Chairman or CEO of this useless outfit. She is just one lousy member of a hitherto do nothing board on a hitherto useless outfit born out of the hermaphroditic dreams of Peter Dunne. (For those who are thick, there was only one parent.)

Adolf awaits the announcement from the Families Commission that it will focus it's energy on the endemic cancer in Maoridom of family violence and child abuse. Only then will Dunny's lovechild be of any use to the country. By triggering the resignation of the fat Druid, Christine Rankin has achieved a major step toward that goal before she even gets her feet under the table.

If her appointment serves to remove Dunne from his coalition arrangement with National then the Family Commission will have acheived it's second success.

More strength to her arm.


Lou Taylor said...

There used to be a saying that people in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones. I see alot of rocks being thrown here.

Dunne is living proof that the prostitution reform bill never worked.

His FC has never been anything more than an absolute waste of money helping to justify his miserable existence.

Sally said...
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Sally said...

Well said, Adolf and Lou.

Just imagine the cost to the taxpayer if Key decided the heat was too much for his liking. I daresay a "contract" has been signed and sealed.

WAKE UP said...

Two facts:
1) the FC was unneccessary bullshit from start to finish and should go
2) no matter what other factors are at play, wherever Christine Rankin goes, trouble follows.

Anonymous said...

If Peter Dunne feels so strongly about CR's appointment I wonder if he would 'strongly' withdraw from his coalition arrangement with the Govt.

Now there would be something to celebrate.

Mrs T

baxter said...

This is nothing but further sleaze propagation by the Socialists. It's transparent and should be rebutted by the Government continually pointing out the history of the Liabour personel in real sleaze. Instead they turn the other cheek instead of supporting their own.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Baxter, I see John Key has done exactly as you wished. Good on him.

Anonymous said...

Go Christine Rankin. If National squeeze her out, they've lost my vote forever. Stand by her National, and tell the Leftie and lippy media to go jump, along with hypocricitcal Labour. Great appointement, I wish Christine Rankin well, talk about a nasty witch hunt by our social engineers!

Ancient Dan said...

WHats Peter ever Done

Anonymous said...

Political lesson for John Key. Its nice to be friends with your enemies but and its a huge but it is not at all good to be friends with the lefty socialists.
They recognize it as a sign of weakness and will capitalize on that forever. Key has to finish them off. I suspected that he would get caught in this trap. He should learn now that when the EFA or rather its replcement comes up for discussion they must forever remove the left's ability to fund it self from contributions from the unions. He must now do what he should always have done and get to the bottom of so many of the outstanding scandles that Labour inflicted upon the electorate and upon its opponents.
He must go for the kill.
He must finish the Labour sleaze forever. Only then will NZ politics become what it should be.
A contest of ideas as opposed to the current contest of ideology.

Psycho Milt said...

Why are there so many anonymous fascists on this blog?

emmess said...

So she has had four marriages. So what?
Usually, the PC leftists claim you can't make judgements on someone who has four relationship at once let alone four times in one night.
But watch out for a barrage vicious and nasty hypocritical attacks if you don't agree with them.

Madeleine said...

Is this non-story still running? How stupid do the left think everyone is?

They spent 9 years undermining marriage and family and interfering in it - all whilst setting bad or having no personal example and now they want to play the family card?

Yeah, that's gonna fly.