Sunday, May 31, 2009

The best vindication for the Budget yet!!

I've just picked up a paper copy of the Sunday Star-Times.
By the top of the masthead of the business section was a pic of Bill English and the words 'The Budget. Rod Oram Doesn't Like it.'
Well, what better vindication can you have!

Anyway, Bill Ralston seems happier with it.


CB said...

An alien being has invaded Rod Oram!!

He wants Bill to gut Welfare for Families and raise the retirement age.

I totally agree but this coming from the chief AGW promoter at the SST!

The lefties are so upset that National are being Labour-lite that they are wishing for something like that to happen.

Before the election they were screaming about borrowing for tax cuts, now they are all for borrowing for sharemarket speculation.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Oram is right (even if he is a lefty). Like a lot of 'em, they're tribal Labour voters- because they figure National will do what is necessary to cut the economy when they're in govt, letting Labour spend up big when they get back. But frankly Oram is right on the money:

We need to take the downside scenario seriously. Consistently through the global crisis events have turned out worse than forecast
English blew his only chance to radically reshape government finances to put them on a more sustainable footing.
At least Oram offers this glimmer of hope:
This means that either public sector employees will get no wage increases or there are big cuts in service levels to come.
Face it. English flunked and in flunking he's fucked the country.