Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And while we are on the subject of filth and pigs

Mongrel mob up to the back wheels in cops.
Cops response; " Push a little harder, you might get the rear number plate in as well".

Meanwhile, half the police force are out writing tickets to keep the whole malignant system running.

Meanwhile, we will keep letting them shit in our faces.

My contempt for you all (and myself for putting up with it) is total.


baxter said...

Sometimes you have to make deals and when you do so you have to keep your word. Mike OXNAM is one of the hardest, most efficent members of the Police today and his word is his bond.(old mate of mine too.)

Barnsley Bill said...

Good for him, does he cut their lawn for them as well? Babysit their brats?
A proverb about long spoons has just popped into my head.

KG said...

With zero-tolerance policing and the correct allocation of resources (ie fewer speed traps and cultural awareness courses) there'd be no need for doing bloody deals.
Just haul the bastards before the courts again and again, investigate their sources of income, prosecute them for false statements to WINZ, prosecute their women for the same,get their cars off the road at every opportunity and make them account to the IRD for their $20,000 motorcyles and expensive plasma TVs.
Make then and their women report to WINZ every week and queue in public to receive the money workers are forced to donate to them.
Ridicule. Investigate. Shame. Prosecute.
But no 'deals'.

Oswald Bastable said...

Yes, give it back to them if thqat is what was promised.

It should fit into a matchbox once incinerated.

Barnsley Bill said...

That is not the NZ way guys. We must respect their yuman rites.
Meanwhile the rights of tax payers not to be fucked in the shitter to pay for it all are ignored.

dad4justice said...

Does the tax payer have rights in NZ?
Bent cops do smell.

baxter said...

Barnsley:: He had to get the evidence namely the Gang Patch associated with a murder and probably the identity of the perpetrator. You can get some idea from the Bain case how important every skerrick of evidence is..No cop in Porirua would be more feared by the mob than Mike Oxnam.