Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ACC Slash and burn

ACC to slash 70 jobs in restructuring
Great headline BUT when you actually read the details it actually is saying that overall ACC are taking on an extra 30 people.

About 70 jobs will go in a restructuring of the Accident Compensation Corporation's head office.

Dr White said with the proposed changes, a total of about 180 positions would be affected but many of those people would move into new roles. However, the new structures did have about 70 fewer positions than previously existed.
"Second, the proposed new structures would better support changes to some other parts of our business, including putting more focus on the front line where we are adding another 100 roles. They also recognise the fact that some programmes of work have been completed, de-scoped or stopped.

So the final completed, de-scoped (for some wierd reason I like that word),stopped end result is
-180+110=-70 +100=+30

So really the headline should be

ACC to add 30 Gobs in restructuring


Lindsay said...

Adding to the front line? You can understand WINZ may have to in a recession. But ACC? Do recessions cause accidents? But wait. Recessions cause stress and nervous breakdowns. Psychological 'accidents'. I guess if you paid the premiums you are entitled to claim. Except people who pay NO premiums can claim and there are no proof-positive x-rays or blood-tests required. Just mental health professionals making a buck.

It's gotten out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Or of course we could just close the whole damn thing down - save rather more than 180 jobs!
(save my taxes from paying for them that is)

and yes - you keep the provision in the ACC act to prevent bludgers suing over injury etc, you just get rid of ACC. There, that's not to hard to understand is it!!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gobs is right!

Observer said...

Go- I LOVE it
But then I'm from Liverpool!