Saturday, April 18, 2009

When did No Minister become a sport blog?

And more importantly why are there posts dedicated to discussing the two most despised football teams in the history of... Just about forever.

The Arse have been shite since this guy hung up his boots and his always pulled down socks. Even being the team in the magnificent book and film version of Fever Pitch could not make me like the team that was the closest top flight club to where I grew up.

And then we have this shower of shite from the North, northern monkeys is the only epithet worthy of these cock trumpets and their millions of mong fans who seem to have infested the entire planet from Invercargill to Hong Kong and beyond.

Makes me long for posts about Obama!



Yo BB!

Did anyone say post about Obama?
I'll be dropping the next best thing very soon.
Someone who always raises a few passions.

Barnsley Bill said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I used the O word sarcastically, allow me the liberty of speaking for the whole planet when I say we don't want another Obama post.

Gooner said...

Charlie George was never as good as Liam Brady, Graham Rix, Ian Wright or Patrick Vieira.

As long as my arse points to the ground I will always support The Gunners. Have done for 30years and am not about to change.

Barnsley Bill said...

Your comments regarding Charlie George are as close to heresy as a gooner will ever get. Frankly I am astonished, are you sure you are not a spurs fan playing agent provocateur?

Heine said...

The two most hated football clubs does not include Arsenal.

Man U is hated by most, but so is Leeds, Millwall (who's actual slogan is 'nobody likes us'). People also hate Chelski - who include Englands most hated man, Cashley Cole.

I hope today we slay those Chelski bastards.

Barnsley Bill said...

Leeds are hated for many reasons by people much older than you but not any more.
Obviously you are a gooner and as such are only one place above members of the man-boy love society in the league table of people the whole world hates.
Therefore your attempt to influence this closed book of a discussion is pointless. From 70's squads that were 90% Irish through to corrupt managers and finally to the "it's just like watching west germany" era... We hate Arsenal and whenever they play I get a stanley knife from the garage and scream bare chested at the televison... "You're going home in a farking ambulance" Over and over again.
If the sight of the gooners can do that to a normal, well adjusted, salt of the earth type like me imagine the unbridled rage your team engenders in most others.

Heine said...

Who do you support again? :)

Barnsley Bill said...

Copacabarnsley as you well know. Don't make me rip my shirt off.

Anonymous said...

Why discuss football at all. It is the most played game in the world for the same reason soap operas, reality shows and shopping channels draws the highest viewership. It is is mindlessly simple and appeals to the lowest common denominator.

There is no such thing as a football team. The correct term should be an academy. Well okay maybe academy is a but grandiose, they are after all shit actors.


Gooner said...

Barnsley, we're not "boring, boring, Arsenal" any more. That went out when Wenger took over. Now people talk about how exciting we are! How the worm has turned.

I used to love the Irish aspect tp the team: David O'Leary, Pat Jennings, Frank Stapleton, Liam Brady etc. Those were the days.