Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top 10 Quintessential Kiwi Foods

Adamsmith 1922 over at The enquiring Mind has been drooling over The Top Ten Kiwi Tucker Icons. Adolf has always been a bit of a tooth man so, for what it's worth, here is my ten penneth worth.

Right at the very top of the list is NZ's traditional national dish.

1. Roast lamb (Merino/South Suffolk cross - killed at 14 months) and mint sauce, accompanied by steamed new potaoes, fresh green peas and sweet corn on the cob, all with lashings of butter.

2. Carefully prepared Maori hangi - pork, mutton, potato, kumara, beet root, puha.

3. Steamed pipi, cockles and kutai (mussels) with lots of fresh bread and butter.

4. Steamed Tarakihi or Hapuka with mashed potato and kumara (combined) and plenty of fresh greens. Plenty of salt and cracked black pepper along with lemon juice over the fish.

5. An eighteen inch long slab of sirloin steak, turned on the char grill for forty minutes while continually basted in a brew compising red wine, worchester sauce, tomato sauce, hot chilli sauce, garlic, soy sauce, balsamic viegar and any thing else which gets in the road. Black on the outside, nipple pink in the middle. Char grilled vegies on the side.

6. Steam pudding with custard sauce.

7. Roast chicken with roast vegies and silver beet. Lotsa gravy.

8. Bacon and eggs with baked beans and tomato.

9. TipTop Icecream

10. KFC for South Aucklanders.


ZenTiger said...

I'll be over for dinner Saturday.

adamsmith1922 said...

Nice list

I always think hogget is the most flavoursome, though mutton is good as well when cooked properly

Inventory2 said...

What! No plump, juicy Nelson scallops, wrapped in bacon, skewered and BBQ'd?

homepaddock said...

What about kiwifruit, pavlova (together or seperately), vegemite and vogels bread?

coge said...

Grill marinaded lamb racks, remove from grill. Tent under foil for ten minutes. Pour the resulting juice onto the wee spuds. And try blackcurrant jelly instead of mint sauce. You will thank me later.

How did you get on with that mitre 10 grill, Adolf?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hello Coge

It too a while to get the hang of it but it is quite superb so long as you understand it is not a char grill.

I have cooked said eighteen inch slab of sirloin on it as well as a boneless leg of lamb and of course the mandatory saugages, steak and chops.

pdm said...

Four more for your list:

Bluff Oysters
Bacon and Egg Pie - made by Mrs pdm
Lambs Fry and Bacon