Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Tea Party Protest is Our Protest Too!!!

Tomorrow in America, April 15, is Tea Party Day. More than 500 US towns will be protesting about Obama's tax and spend budgets.
US residents fear the legacies of debt that will be passed on to them and their children.
Taxes will also rise and there will be new taxes to pay for the extra spending.
For many, the battle is not just about their growing tax burden under the Obama presidency, but the direction of America towards a socialist state.
Obama's budget will give Amercia deficts of US$9.3 trillion over ten years and despite what Obama has promised on taxes for lower and middle incomes, people see the red ink and they don't believe him.

This is helping push Obama's ratings down, now at +2 in the Sunday Rassmussen Daily Tracking Poll, a record low under Obama, as tax rises up the list of concerns for US voters. In Britain, there is growing support for government spending cuts.

Of course, our tax burden is far higher in New Zealand, but Australia is catching up as government grows over the Tasman. The spendthrift Kevin Rudd has increased government spending by 20% in little over a year, a faster growth of government than during the 1972-75 Gough Whitlam period. Growing debt is causing concern over future tax increases.

Quiggin canvasses what no politician is yet prepared to acknowledge: that the consequences of bigger government is higher taxation. Given the future need to reduce government debt, as well as fund a sustained increase in public spending, he estimates that taxation's total share of national income is likely to rise from 30 per cent to 35 per cent.

Australia, the US and Britain are experiencing the costs of left-wing government. We experienced it ourselves under Uncle Helen, with its growing tax burden, higher government sopending and failing economy, leaving our finance minister Bill English, a legacy of deficits to deal with.

But with the trend for excessive spending and debt, as seen in Britain under Gordon Brown, Obama and Rudd, though not Europe, it is fortunate Liarbour was not re-elected in New Zealand. We can only dread to think what Cullen or his successor might have done in a Liarbour fourth term.

This is why America's protest is our protest too. All us taxpayers need to constantly remind our political leaders that we don't want to see New Zealand swim under Brown /Obama-style red ink, or face an orgy of spending like Australia is facing, wiping out the surplusses of the Howard and Costello years, giving Australia a $100bn deficit over three years.

That is why maybe we Kiwis too should make our own protest as Bill English prepares our own New Zealand budget. We should join our American friends and send Bill and other MPs a teabag too!! Our own politicians also need reminding of the need to keep government spending and debt, and hence our taxes, down!


Anonymous said...

You didn't read that fucking article did you?

Fucking commie spin. First - NZ's tax burden is actually the highest in the west

I don't know where they get those figures from but they are just crap. I mean, they're ignoring US state taxes for a start, and business taxes. Especially at the end, with NZ just above Slovakia & Ireland, crap crap crap.

Fact of the matter is: NZ is the highest taxed country in the west, because our thresholds are so fucking low.

Fact of the matter is: no matter how much waste you cut, it will make no difference.

Fact of the matter is: about 30% each of our taxes go on welfare for bludgers, healthcare for bludgers and education for bludhers.

You want a 30% tax cut: simple - pick one of those three and just stop it. You want more? cut the rest.

It's basic mathematics - something most of you who were educated in state schools simply cannot understand.

The revolution didn't start in Boston bay - it started in Lexington and Concord. Now if someone would do a Bruce Emery or a Greg Carvell on the Laborites and Unionists campaigning in Mt Albert - well that would be a great start!

Ackers said...

Oh dear. The comments seem to reflect the IQ level inherent in the original post.

What a sad lot of retards the right have become.

Deranged and confused.

Danyl said...

Sounds like someone has 'Obama derangement syndrome'. Why do you hate American so much Darren?


I love America, Danyl, and its people.
Been there are few times.
I just disagree with Obama on policy.
Many people voted for a black president.
I have no issue with that if it is the right president.
But instead of a black president, Amercia has been delivered a red president.
That explains my fear and strident opposition to him.

But back to the tax issue at hand, it is good to see a grassroots movement building up against the tax and spend policies of its socialist president.
They might have been inspired by the grassroots movement built up by the Obamatons to get their man elected!

Danyl said...

Sorry FFM, but if you go back and read your many posts supporting President Bush I think you'll find that being critical of the US President simply means that you're a crazy person who hates America. And if you go back and read Adolf's pro-Bush posts you'll find that you should either be thrown in prison or executed for treason for daring to speak out against the President. Surely these VERY reasonable arguments that you guys made for five or so years don't simply change because there's a new President in the White House?