Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sad news

I remember LWR from when I was a kid so this is sad news.

What annoys me is this statement.

"Hundreds of jobs are at stake and we are sure that poor management is at the heart of the problem," said the secretary of the union's clothing and textiles section, Maxine Gay.

Talk about kicking the owner Ken Anderson in the balls. I don't know Mr Anderson but I would imagine that he didn't invest in LWR only to mismanage the company into oblivion. Mrs/Miss/Ms Gay should make constructive comments or pull her head in.

Maybe Ken's problem was banking with Westpac.


pdm said...

`Maybe Ken's problem was banking with Westpac'.

Allied with having to let union people like Maxine Gay onto his factory sites.

KG said...

How many jobs have Maxine Gay and her ilk created?

dad4justice said...

Another blow for Canterbury. Many people without jobs. A local school advertised for a gardener last week. They got 300 replies! Things are going the gurgler at a rapid rate. Government fools are responsible for this mess.

John Q Public said...

I note also that a proposed bail out of GM may involve part-ownership by the Auto Workers Union of America. Excellent pay and conditions for GM workers will ensue, but a new Chevy will cost $170,000.

KG said...

Yup, John Q and while the democrits blame 'capitalism' for the financial mess, they conveniently omit to mention the gold-plated pensions and perks the Autoworker's Union heirachy enjoys, and how they've screwed ever higher payments out of the companies regardless of productivity..

Anonymous said...

Ahh more fucking unproductive Canterbury bludgers.

IF the government really wanted to help those workers they would:

* abolish the dole, DBP, and WFF
* abolish the minimum wage
* abolish corporate tax and FBT

close down state-socialist health and education and cap taxes to compensate.

Anonymous said...

Yep, IMO the job situation, or lack of jobs, is going to become a real problem soon.

Interesting story about the gardeners' position. I heard a similar story today in Wellington of a corporate ( ie non GOVT) advertising a basic admin job (glorified receptionists job) and they got 120 applicants when the same job advertised 4-5 months back got 35 CVs through the inbox.

I guess if you are happily employed or work as a GOVT beauracrat there is no recession in this particular town, but if you are looking for work or out of work you may as well just hit the golf course on Monday mornings and eat rice and lentils.