Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sack Him And His Boss - Now

Now you can see why those Israeli ladies who were refused service in Invercargil would have wasted their time appealing to our pathetically biased and mis-named Race Relations Conciliator.

Joris de Bres

This idiot attended the appallingly discredited Israel bashing UN conference organised by Islamists when the rest of the civilization stayed away. Not only that, his actions are a direct slap in the face to the government of the day which has openly repudiated Labour's barely concealed hatred of Israel and support for the so called Palestilian cause in Gassa.

Mr de Bres attended the conference independently and publicly criticised the Government for pulling out, implying it was trying to please the United States. But Mr McCully believes Mr de Bres has no business criticising foreign policy and implied that Mr de Bres was a Labour Party hack.

You can tell the prick is a Labour hack. Just look at his teeth. He goes to the same veterinary tooth doctor as Goff and Clark.

The HR Commissioner obviously need to be sent packing as well.

Chief Commissioner Rosslyn Noonan said she did not believe he overstepped any line.

What a sour looking hack she is. She even wears Labour's (Clark's) colours.

Both these people are streets ahead of Richard Worth in the 'lack of judgement' stakes. In fact it could reasonably argued that Worth is chronically stupid while these two characters are deliberately undermining their country's foreign policy.

Such is the legacy of nine years politicising of the public service.


Alan said...

deBres is a latter day troskyite,
previously well known for his
radical views. He should have been
the first person ditched from office when the new government took
over. He is not a genuine New
Zealander and should be sent packing immediately.

KG said...

Why is the slimy little prick still there, sucking up my tax dollars?


Indeed everyone.
I fully agree.
Such a spectacle was expected and it highlights the stupidity of these individuals.
As I posted at fairfacts media last night, the walkout was quite a colourful affair.

WAKE UP said...

First quetsion : WHO PAID for this slimy traitor to go the the UN "independently"?

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah!

Once again, we need a big big law change: civil service (aka bludgers on more than the done) must all be employed at the will of the minister --- and every single labour hack appointee, party member, or unionist should have been summarily dismissed on 1 Nov 2008
(or 14 Dec, just in time for Christmas)

It's called eliminating corruption and restoring political independence. Same rule for all COEs of course, so we wouldn't be having any of this fuss about AirNZ - because all EPMU trollie-dollies would have been fired months ago!

Of course, like the No-Child-Discipline-Commission, the Be-Nice-To-Peasants-Commission and all the other Jobs-For-Labour-Hacks-Commissions they should all have been closed down last year!

WHO PAID for this slimy traitor to go the the UN "independently"?You the fuck did of course: you pay for him and his families food and drink and drugs and mortgage and BMW and Playstation and and and ...

Which should mean: you own this fuck body and soul.

mawm said...

de Bres and Noonan no longer represent the interests and opinions of New Zealanders and therefore must go. And the stupid idiots have just provided the ammunition for Key to fire them.

Inventory2 said...

Well said Adolf. We made the bold prediction yesterday that there would be trouble at t'mill over this, when we heard that de Bres was at the conference. It would appear that our self-confidence was well placed!!

Baxter said...

I understand Clark renewed his contract to 2012 just before getting chucked out. the other Unionist stooge NOONAN has demonstrated that she intends the office to continue to follow the Labour line and oppose the Governmment. Minister McCULLY who so far has done a very good job should not tolerate this nonsense. The best way would be to dispense with the Commission entirely as being redundant and an unecessary wasteful entity.

Anonymous said...

de Bres and Noonan no longer represent the interests and opinions of New Zealanderscommies like these never represented the opinions of hardworking, taxpaying, productive Kiwis.

Lou Taylor said...

The word "Treason" springs to mind

WAKE UP said...

Not only should de Bres go, his trouble-stirring, parasitic office should be abolished as well.

Shane Ponting said...

We've spent all that money on him, surely you can be creative in deciding how he can repay the debt to society?


WAKE UP said...

A thought: what's the bet that ol' Joris's UN jaunt had something to do with Helen and the dis/loyal twerp ends up working there.

Heine said...

He should have listened to the Govt and not gone to the conference. Surely he shouldn't have gone or even considered going if the Govt wasn't?

Who is his boss?