Monday, April 27, 2009

Putting Mt Albert first.

Unusual billboard when you consider Labour and it's blog mouthpiece are doing anything but putting Mt Albert first.

Is forcing Twyford to stand aside putting Mt Albert first?
Is trying to squash Meg Bates candidacy putting Mt Albert first?
Is flying in a carpet bagger, a failed candidate from previous elections, a man who is rumoured to be from the Roger Douglas end of the old Labour party, a man whose sole qualification seems to be being an old school buddy of Goff putting Mt Albert first?
I don't think so.
Putting aside the fact that labour and it's blog mouthpiece have developed a testicular torsion brought on by the Machiavellian manipulations of Blofeld and Darth Blogger they really have shown themselves up for the command and control clowns that they are.
Using senior labour staffers to run the on the ground campaign while still blogging "anonymously" at the Standard is a plan doomed to fail.
Labour will win the by-election, but at what long term cost to their credibility and Leader?

The Clark faction led by the Tizard trough feeding dynasty and the Edwards family is pushing hard for Bates while the parliamentary leader is pushing for his school chum. This will end in tears.



And when it suited a certain former PM, look how the constituency was so casually tossed aside at the altar of Her ambition!

Barnsley Bill said...

True, did Helen Clark put Mt Albert first when she quit after a few months.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

All the little Captain Mainwarings in the Labour Party strategy room are doing a fabulous job for National by turning this into a 'party vote' by-election.

Roy Morgan has the results. He published them last week.

National 56.5%

Labour 43.5%

Labour:- no brains, no talent, no money, no chance.

Inventory2 said...

BB - it might be the ONLY time that HC ever put Mt Albert first!

Barnsley Bill said...

This is in effect a battle for control of the Labour party. If Bates gets the nod Goff is held up to be an ineffective fool.
If the carpet bagging old guy gets the job then Goff gets to feel like he is charge until polling day, then he will look like an ineffective fool as labour's majority is slashed.
Ultimate conclusion Goff gets to look like an ineffective fool.. And Clarks faction steps in and tightens its grip on what is left of the party workers party.