Monday, April 27, 2009

NZ Govt Acts Decisively

In the face of the sudden threat of Mexican Swine Flu, Prime Minister Key this morning has announced decisive action.


"Mr Key said the Government was invoking its flu plan and health officials hiked the potential influenza epidemic status to yellow, just below the code red response phase.

"I think New Zealanders can be confident that the government has a plan............."

In addition, all Labour Party MPs, party office bearers and union officials are to be immediately screened to make sure the swine aren't infected. (To ensure compliance, arrest warrants have been issued for ex president Mike Williams on account of his swinish visage and demeanor. It is suspected he was a latent carrier of the desease during the 2008 election campaign.)

Labour Party public meetings will be restricted to a maximum of twenty attendees.

For the duration of the emergency, all commercial piggeries are off limits to Labour Party members and trade union officials so as to ensure the swine don't infect the national pig stocks.

Party leader Phil Goff said "These restrictions will have little adverse effect on our campaign for Mt Albert as we don't ever get more than fifteen people at our meetings.


Skyman said...

Your Dear Leader arrives here in North America and there's an outbreak of Swine Flu.


KG said...

LOL! Nice one Adolf--and Skyman.

Anonymous said...

Labour will win the by-electionI'm not so sure!
And we can all work to ensure they do not!

but at what long term cost to their credibility and Leader?
they don't have any credibility;
and their leader isn't above the margin of error.

your point is?

Anonymous said...

I am surprised noone has questioned the origins of this...

A highly contagious, potentially deadly form on flue just "happens" to originate in a High tourist country with poor to pathetic medical facilities...

Just saying that if you wanted to try to do this on purpose I can't think of a better attack point.