Thursday, April 30, 2009

Norman 'not a serious contender' says Standard 'Greenie'

Barnsley Bill told me the other day that The Standard is losing its Greenery.

Commenters like Tane, Steve Pierson and Irish Bill claim to have some Green ancestry in their politicking and this is confirmed by a look at Tumeke!

Barnsley noted that one might expect the Greenies among its ranks just might want to say something about their beloved co-leader Russel Norman standing in the Mt Albert by-election.

Indeed, on the day of the confirmation that the great man is standing, we see nothing on the announcement from the great blog of the left.

Now, the Standard has often claimed to be 'independent' of Labour, even though bloggers like Whale Oil and David Farrar so comprehensively showed how Labour and the Standard were joined at the hip, via the EPMU and through government departments prior to Election 2008.

Looking at its opinions, dissent from the Labour line is very rare, where it exists at all.

Now, I did look hard to find commentary from its so-called Greenies about the Mt Albert by-election. I do see such commenters claiming Liarbour affiliations too, but the lack of support given to the Greens is illuminating.

Here's what Tane blogged a week ago about Russel Norman.

Speaking of the byelection. Interesting choice for the Greens to go with Russel for their candidate (it’s not official yet until the local party makes its choice but even in the Greens the leader gets what the leader wants). It will be an opportunity for Russel to increase his profile and it will be interesting to see how he campaigns on the streets. He’s obviously not a serious contender for the seat and I don’t think he will split the Left vote to any significant extent. Labour would never have counted on the Greens to give them a free ride or expected it.

Well, if that's what you get from so-called supporters like Tane this is not good for the Greens, unless of course Tane really has no Green credentials at all, and is simply a Liarbour stooge claiming to be something else, with the Standard the Liarbour 'lapblog' as I have always claimed!
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ZenTiger said...

My reading of Tane is that he is a Green voter, if not a signed up member of the Green Party, if he is the Tane of comments I recall from long time past (I hardly visit the Standard so I don't know if he was abducted and his brains sucked out, or if it is a different Tane, or still the same one)

I think any split on the vote for Labour could be crucial. However, resigned as they are to opposition at this stage, perhaps it doesn't matter so much?

gingercrush said...

I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories surrounding "The Standard". I don't think they're Labour voters. Its that they seem to be very highly involved in Unions. And because there can never be a relationship between Unions and National. Anything, the Greens do in working with National, or the Maori party working with National etc etc etc is seen as a betrayal to unions. Because Labour is more closely affiliated with Unions, they're always going to regard favourable to Labour even though sometimes they disagree with Labour.

That is what I though was so telling about Irishbill's response to the Greens-National Memorandum of Understanding. By siding with National even if it was just a few policies is a betrayal because National doesn't like pro-worker policies.

I'm not sure I'm making any sense. But its much more to do with them being either Union members, employed by Unions or working with unions than it does Labour.

Hence, why

erikter said...

Tane has always been a Liarbour stooge. His opinion is usually shitty and ill-concieved.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gingercrush, you are soooooooo wrong. The Standard's blurb was coming straight out of Clark's office.

No, what you are seeing here is the first of many attempts by a desperate Labour to undermine Norman in Mt Albert.

Pathetic really when, instead of a candidate, Labour has a warlord without an army.

A 'very special person' no less.

gingercrush said...

There are several commentators at The Standard. My understanding with you lot who suggest links between the Labour Party and The Standard is that Eddie is very closely related to the Labour Party if not working with the Labour Party while Iprent is clearly too in the Labour camp. All Your Base and John A (who seldomly posts) also are more in the Labour camp.

Tane though does not strike me as being in the Labour camp. Rather he is the Union camp along with Irishbill. Hence, they're so big on union matters.

I regularly reply to blog posts The Standard authors make. Its been my experience Tane and Irishbill are more critical of Labour than Eddie, Iprent and others. Steve Pierson likewise was more critical of Labour than other commentators there. If you read many of their posts they sound like union pieces.

Hence why, my analogy is this has much more to do about Union politics than it does about Labour. Of course Labour and Unions are so closely affiliated that even though I suggest to you, they're Union members and involved heavily with the Unions. That still means there is discussions between Labour and Union. Thus its natural for Unions to share information with Labour and Labour to share information with unions.

gingercrush said...

Also who is the leader of the EMPU? Andrew Little. Who is now the President of Labour? Andrew Little. EMPU = Union. Union=Labour.

The Greens themselves are fine if they're in line with UNIONS. But the Greens have shown a willingness to no longer rely on the Labour Party and no longer be kicked around by Labour. Thus they chose a MOU with National and have decided to put one of their leaders in the hat for Mt. Albert. This goes against Labour but also goes against the Unions who all are far closer to Labour than they ever will be the Greens. Anytime, someone lines up with National (who want to see changes in Union laws etc etc) is a betryal to the Unions.

Psycho Milt said...

Tane: He’s obviously not a serious contender for the seat...Fairfacts Media: Well, if that's what you get from so-called supporters like Tane this is not good for the Greens, unless of course Tane really has no Green credentials at all, and is simply a Liarbour stooge...This statement only makes even a semblance of sense if Russel Norman was actually a serious contender for the seat; he's not. If being able to recognise a fact that's staring you in the face makes you a Labour stooge, it's a poor lookout for NZ that there aren't a lot more Labour stooges out there.

PhilBest said...

whaleOil's pet name for Russel Norman says it all:

"Wed Wussel".......