Friday, April 24, 2009

A New Leader of the Oppostion?


You saw it first here at No Minister on April 14th - ten days ago.

Clark's legacy just keeps on keeping on. The destruction of the Labour Party.

The latest blow is the decision by The Greens to field a high profile candidate in the Mt Albert by-election. Adolf wonders if it will be Russel Norman himself. Yep. Sure is!

Russel Norman. Photo / Mark Mitchell

A win for him in Mt Albert would catapult The Greens into prominence and a substantial increase in support at the next general election - possibly more seats than Labour.

Congratulation are in order for The Greens. At last they have divorced themselves from their erstwhile fickle friends who gave them nothing and took everything for nine long years. They will guarantee themselves success in 2001 if now they can remove their communistic rump and transform themselves into a SANE environmental party.

NZ Labour reminds Adolf of the hapless but once powerful battleship Bismark, sailing in circles with it's rudder jammed by an attack from seemingly ineffective string bag WWI torpedo bombers (The Maori Party) while an overwhelming force descends upon it (NACTionalMPGP) and prepares to deliver the coup de grace.

The only real difference is that in 2009, the rear admiral and the kapitan managed to scuttle away to the safety of foreign shore before their ship sank.



The story gets better Adolf.
Goff is happy for Tizard to come back.
Whatever happened to rejuvenation?

WAKE UP said...

I don't get you guys - for nine long years, you castigate the Greens, not just for propping Labour up, but also for their nutty policies, beliefs, MPs etc etc. Now, just because they've seen the light (if they have) in Mt Albert, they're flavour of the month? Their policies and people are still the same.

Simon said...

Green are there by the grace of Labour and MMP.

Basically Labor could off the Greens by having a senior Labor MP to start ranting about global warming. This is what happens in Canada the center left craps on about carbon bollocks and grabs the looney left vote.

Anonymous said...

someone needs to put to Rusell is that given the oft-espoused integrity of the greens and their respect for the wishes of the electorate, will Rusell resign his list seat either before standing as an electoral candidate and take his chances OR, if not and he is rejected by the Mt Albert electors, will he then resign his list place on the grounds that he has been specifically sent the message that he is not wanted?

Integrity is a great catchcry until it is put to the test in most cases so this is now the ideal oppportunity for the Greens to put their mana where their mouth is.


WAKE UP said...

Don't be silly, Anonymous, he's a politician :)

Alan said...

Be realistic, Greens have no chance
of winning Mt Albert thank goodness. Their ridiculous, marxist
policies won't win through. They
may take a few votes of the labourites which will help National, but the greens will not get more than 8 per cent of the

Anonymous said...

the greens will not get more than 8 per cent of the
more than enough to elect Melissa Lee!

Look at the demographics: Auckland Central is more left than Mt Albert. Helen kept the seat only due to her personal support.

now she's gone.

now - like the rest of NZ - Mt Albert will go National.

PhilBest said...

It is so frustrating to watch Russell Norman in action, the guy is an economic illiterate. One memorable exchange in a TV debate, where Russell Norman was whinging about National not doing enough economic stimulus spending:

Rodney Hide: "where is the money gonna come from, Russell...?"

Russell Norman: "we'll get it from the corporates....."

FFS. FFS. "The corporates" are the lefties favourite economic ATM, aren't they? That there might be times when the ATM might end up flashing "out of funds" never occurs to them.