Sunday, April 26, 2009

McCarten Calls Mt Albert.

The best humour is that which is not written. Today's startling column by Matt McCarten had Adolf chuckling.

"I salute the right-wing bloggers, who mischievously instigated a destabilising campaign against Labour by writing that National could win Mt Albert if Twyford was the Labour Party nominee......

......The bloggers claimed that Twyford's campaign would be overshadowed by the furore of the supposedly unpopular Tizard slipping back into Parliament.

Privately, none of the bloggers believed that their strategy would amount to much, but were incredulous when certain media players started taking it seriously.

What gobsmacked the bloggers particularly - and fatally for Twyford - was that the Labour Party panicked. "

You see, McCarten just could not bring himself to write the words 'Kiwiblog' and "Whaleoil" as he blamed unspecified evil 'right wing bloggers' for the Labour Party's forthcoming loss of the Mt Albert By election.

(Adolf can picture him sitting there, eyes screwed up tight, white knuckles gripping his pen, hand shaking. Anger welling up at the sheer incompetence of the bimbos over at the Labour Party's outlet for flatulence, The Standard. He's right of course. Both Whaleoil and David Farrar are intelligent successful men while the Standard is run by pimply faced school kids.)

Yes, that's right. Before the candidates are even chosen, McCarten is calling a win for National.

Of course he doesn't actually SAY that but you can smell it in everything he says. The left has thrown in the towel before the race even starts.

McCarten even gives the tortured Phil Goff the political doup de grace he deserves.

"If I was a Labour MP I wouldn't volunteer to share a foxhole with Goff when the shooting starts."


Barnsley Bill said...

They really are bumbling idiots Adolf. it is stunning that unpaid enthusiastic amateurs like David and Cameron can run rings around all these spin and smear merchants from Labour and the EPMU.
Still no mention of Russel Norman running over at the Standard. The EPMU staffers who pretend to be greenies must be undergoing emergency surgery to untwist their testicles. And the new "democracy under attack" meme over there is fantastic. These are the same labour staffers who spent two years trying to spin and smear attention away from the retrospective legislation of Labour's looting the public coffers and attempts to squash free speech.
Not as much fun as the election but pretty close.
If you look at the party vote figures from mt Albert in November national definitely have an outside chance of winning this. At the least we will see the labour majority slashed and Goff's bumbling efforts to get his old school chum the nomination will bite him on the arse.
I am now in the unusual position of wishing a greenie every success!

Anonymous said...

Did he really seriously ask Whale and DPF if they thought they had influence. Cmon, he wouldn't lower himself to that conversation.
And as for getting in a fox hole, I'd go with Goff long before i would get in one with McCarten. He would be to damm lazy to help with the digging and then want the lowest position.Ha, coul;d get shat on. hehehehe

Funny, word verification for this blog;
What can I say more?

Lou Taylor said...

Does McCarten realise that his lastest advertisment for right wing blogs is actually another nail in his sides coffin.

As more people become aware of the influence of blogs they will be able to see free and frank discussions on right wing blogs and calculated spin on the left.

I wonder which the general public will choose. My guess would be 70% right,30% left.

Lou Taylor said...

As I said a few posts ago.McCarten is our friend.

Pique Oil said...

Anonymous, I worked in the Fitz many years ago when Matt was an assistant manager or something similar. I assure you that when push came to shove he was looking after your back.
He was prepared to physically back us any time we needed it and had no fear.
Not saying I agree with his politics at all but he was prepared to front.

Psycho Milt said...

Agreed, Pique Oil - I remember McCarten from the founding of the New Labour Party at the beginning of the 90s, and he certainly msde a sharp contrast to idle dilettantes like me.

I think Barnsley Bill's right, Adolf - National's prospects in this are best described as an "outside chance." Labour may be in a real trough at the moment, but that isn't going to send their supporters National's way (which encompasses allowing National in by splitting the lefty vote - Russel's not likely to find a lot of people actually tick his name once they're in the booth).

WAKE UP said...

Not as off-topic as you might think: Hasn't Chris Trotter gone quiet.