Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green!!!

There is actually a television programme of this name, and where is it shown, but on the BBC, of course!
And it is so very, very true, especially when you consider the contradictions of this new religion.
This week, Contact Energy announced plans to have a few dams on the Clutha River.
And of course there will be those who don’t want valleys flooded, etc, etc.
Or, you can cover your hillsides with ugly noisy windmills, whose blades kill birdlife.
And windmills don’t always work either, and are costly.
But isn’t this supposed to be the kind of renewable energy we supposedly want?
Either way, we still need extra power, or else the lights will go out.
Britain also faces such a dilemma.
On one day we get reports about how short the country is on power generation capacity, the next day we have the Blue Labour Tories coming up with similar plans for the government to have electric cars.
But where will these cars get their power from? From the National Grid which is barely able to cope with existing demand, never mind all the extra electric cars the politicians seek.
And will such extra power generation be any cleaner with less CO2 than a petrol or diesel engine in all those vehicles? Apparently not!
America also faces similar issues with the environment.
The Washington Post reports on a major renewable project that has its own environmental contradictions and could split the green movement.
Of course, we have seen so many instances of enviro-mentalism where the results have not been what had been expected, suggesting other agendas.
You know, the eco-friendly lightbulbs that contain deadly chemicals.
The eco-friendly Priuses, whose batteries contain deadly chemicals.
The biofuels that wreck wildlife habitat and also negatively impact on C02 production.
It all makes you wonder why bother.
Indeed, why not stick to traditional coal-fired power stations, who will efficiently produce the power efficiently where it is wanted, and which will need coal to be transported by rail, thus making Cullen’s train set less of an economic burden.
In the meantime, think of the current cooling trend of the climate, the latest ever snow in Las Vegas as America enjoys yet another late dumping!
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