Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gore exposed as money-grabbing fraud,just like global warming!

I was watching Ian Wishart promoting his new book AirCon on Breakfast yesterday.
The book comes as Australia also has a similar publication attacking the current orthodoxy that man’s activities are causing ‘global warming.’
Anyway, the best news on the climate change front this week just emphasises how much of it appears to be a con- a ruse by governments everywhere to increase tax revenues and control of economies.
Indeed, New Zealand’s own emissions trading programme would have left our government with a $22 billion surplus as well as bring in a host of legislation and controls.
Well, over in the USA, government hearings into proposed emissions trading legislation has heard a Democratic Congressman admit its ETS plans are a ‘great tax.’
Better still was Al Gore being exposed as someone who will profit greatly from cap and trade legislation.
Gore also lied about his financial dealings too.
Indeed, it pays to go green and make millions from spreading fear.
But what can we expect from Al Gore, whose house hypocritically uses far more power than the one George W Bush has!
Oh and how is that Global Warming coming along?
In retreat like those fabled glaciers, it seems.
Ditto in Australia, and I saw plenty of snow on Ruapehu and the Kaikoura ranges last week!
Just as events gave Ian Wishart plenty of fresh material for new chapters when he published Absolute Power a year ago, thus it will be the same this time round, with plenty of new material to back his case in Air Con.
Hat tip: Gateway Pundit, Andrew Bolt


WAKE UP said...

Ever since the election, Al Gore has been a Big Fat Loser in search of an issue.

baxter said...

Wakeup:: I'm not sure you are right if the Global warming scam together with Global financial synchronous as a result of the depression, lead through compulsory levies to a United Nations world government as envisaged by Socialist Internationale. Then who would be better placed to lead the world than the man who saved it from frying.

WAKE UP said...

Baxter, that's a really cute theory, well expressed - problem is, Al Gore can't actually win anything. Cheers :)