Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From Mesopotamia to Mt Albert: The politics of left-wing amnesia!

One of the issues that was certain to drive a reaction over at No Minister and its forerunner, Sir Humphreys, was the rights and wrongs of the War in Iraq.
Indeed, Tim Selwyn at Tumeke! says its endless debates over Iraq helped create the Tumeke! blog.
But what gave the debate added frission was the evidence that senior Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Al Gore believed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and that George Bush was right in trying to remove him.
As for President Pantywaist, he too will have changed his views with the political wind.
How the Democrats have changed their views over the years, out of political opportunism, or what, becomes ever clearer with a few more embarrassing facts.
Just as President Pantywaist is revealing various details of how, why and where the US carried out certain practices like waterboarding, we see senior Democrats up to their neck in it, despite Pantywaist’s attempts to release information to embarrass the old Bush presidency.
Andrew Bolt has published some comments from former CIA director Porter Gross, accusing the Donks of a ‘disturbing epidemic of amnesia’ while giving away too many secrets that help our enemies.
His op-ed in the Washington Post tells more.
The Wall Street Journal looks at the issue further in The Politics of Liberal Amnesia.
House speaker and arch lefty Nancy Pelosi seems the greatest sufferer with her coming under greatest scrutiny, of more from bloggers and sympathetic media, rather than the MSM.
The Bulletin of Philadelphia says she has conclusively lied over her denials of previously approving such waterboarding.
But apparently,Pelosi now wants records kept secret.
And as Democrats talk of indicting George Bush, Dick Cheney and other prominent Republicans over the interrogation techniques, aren't Nancy Pelosi and other senior Democrats like Harry Reid now equally guilty of ‘war crimes’ and shouldn’t they also face trial for allowing waterboarding?
Of course, I have no problem with waterboarding as a technique itself.
The issue is also not so much about state secrecy but one of rank hypocrisy.
Indeed, back in New Zealand, looking at the Mt Albert by-election, that is what makes the Shearer revelations all the more interesting.
Labour looks set to stand a candidate whose rightist beliefs, learnt at the foot of Rodney Hide, conflict with everything the Labour Party supposedly believes.
Its leader Phil Goff has been seen as a rightwinger by Labour standards, but Shearer’s views on private armies would even put him on the right of ACT, even some libertarians.
Fortunately, Shearer has owned up to his beliefs, especially when confronted with concrete evidence of them, even if the Liarbour leadership would prefer to forget them and wish they not might exist.
But considering how lefties everywhere can be exposed for hiding their previous views, I am sure ‘the Politics of Labour Amnesia’ could well make an excellent subject for an article on the Labour candidates for Mt Albert, as well as what it did concerning what top US Democrats actually believed, condoned and supported during the War in Iraq!


Anonymous said...

Typical...can't take your torture lumps like a grown-up...point fingers and say she did it too. Anyone involved in torture should pay the price of breaking U.S. and international laws on torture. That just about covers it. However Republicans might not want to point fingers at others, since they did absolutely NOTHING to stop the Bush Administration crimes in the first place. No excuses. Torture is a crime...and always has been.

Anonymous said...

President Panytwaist! Genius! Joseph Conrad couldn't have dreamed of coming up with something so brilliant! The only thing more clever than coming up with such a nuanced and witty piece of moronic abuse would be to repeat it ad nauseum like a retard.

"Of course, I have no problem with waterboarding"

Says it all really. Is it dark over there on the wrong side of history?

Judge Holden

Alan said...

Anonymous like his/her name does not live in the real world.
Torture in all forms has been
around since the year dot and will never go away. When you are
dealing with scumbag dirty
terrorists, any form of torture
is acceptable. Water boarding is
the very light end of such action.
The U.S will to its own detriment
find that using soft tactics on
these arseholes, will end in

Anonymous said...

You have to remember Alan, the lefty liberals don't live in the world of reality like the rest of us do. They view the world through the prism of how they wish it would be, not how it actually is.

Mrs Danvers


Cheers everyone.
But the main point of the argument, are you listening harpoon, is that while the Obama administration has made such an issue of waterboarding, senior Democrats like Pelosi knew and went along with the practice.
It does undermine their arguments against Dubya as well as make them look a tad hypocritical.


Sorry Harpoon, I mean Judge Holden