Sunday, April 19, 2009

The End of Christian America??

Newsweek this month sparked a controversy with its report about "The End of Christian America."
Especially as it appeared in the run up to Easter.
The Wall Street Journal spoke of the 'End of Newsweek' citing declining audiences for its liberalism!
However, the (UK) Daily Telegraph says the religious right has conceded defeat, and the election of Obama has set America on a path of permissive secularism.
The Washington Post says amid a general shift to the left, religion is polarising between red and blue.
The Christian World Net Daily says America has never really been Christian but is in danger from moral decline.
Britain's Archbishop Cranmer blog notes the moral decline, but says it is not over for Christianity nor the Church.
Cranmer wonders how much the church is suffering because it became too political.
Some reports say the church may even bItalice suffering from its association with George Bush.
Yes, Dubya gets blamed for this too!
As for Obama, while the muslim-raised boy president has dismissed Amercia has no longer a Christian country, Cranmer notes the word of God in its constitution, coins, etc.

President Obama is neither the Messiah nor the Antichrist: he is just another man to occupy another political office, and, like all Democrats, he seeks to make the United States more statist, Socialist and amoral.

He concludes:

The Christian response is not to curse God and die, but to repent, believe and trust; indeed, to rejoice in suffering, because suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.
Hope that the Forces of Conservatism shall soon be on the ascendancy, and that government shall once again soon be concerned with whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, and whatever is admirable.
Indeed, 'hope' seems to be the watchword of 'The One' who maybe to blame for the current decline in religion in America. After all, there's only room for one Messiah at a time, isn't there!!


Graeme Edgeler said...

Cranmer notes the word of God in its constitution, coins, etc.Except for the fact that it doesn't appear in the Constitution...

Anonymous said...

Why do you fellas keep letting this dickhead pollute your blog with massive pics and rubbish about Obama. This has gone beyond boring and reached sickening. This fairfacts character is a moron

Anonymous said...

I thought there was a ban on Obama posts and now this egg-head has posted twice on Obama in 24 hours.

This used to be a good blog, now it is full of shit like this.

Whaleoil said...
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StephaneB said...

Whaleoil, how about you stick to blogging about useless gossips and just concentrate on attacking your fellow fatties such as Rachel Glucina, huh? Leave blogging about political topics to Fairfacts and those who have a clue about the subject. You're becoming irrelevant prick in the blogosphere these days.

ISeeRed said...

Good grief, Wailoil, I don't see FFM taking regular dumps on your blog. Seems he's got more class than you in that regard.

Anonymous said...

fuck, whale oil, stop being such a whiny bitch. embarrassing, man!

WAKE UP said...

If all of you don't stop dissing each other and discuss the TOPIC, nobody'd going to take any notice of any of you at all.

This is an important topic, and goes to the heart of the question of whether O'bama is a (latent) Muslim etc . I thought you would have loved to get your teeth into that.

And as some of you know, I'm your resident atheist - and even I'm interested in that one. Sheesh.

ISeeRed said...

I'm also an atheist, and I don't think Obama is a latent Muslim (or fascist), just too left-wing, sadly. I hope his detractors don't start suffering from ODS. There's enough wrong with Obama's policies without making shit up, like the birth certificate "controversy".

WAKE UP said...

Just to wrestle this topic back onto real turf again: I don't care whether O'bama's birth cert is legit or not (though that's certainly an interesting constitutional issue), and I don't care what colour/s he is - I care that, right down to his probable latent Islamism (which also makes the possible demise of Christianity in USA interesting, even to an atheist) he's simply the WRONG MAN in the job right now.