Monday, April 27, 2009

Dunne up to his old tricks

You would think that the Minister of Revenue would have better things to do with his time these days. This guy will say anything to get his photo in the paper.

The reporter may as well have gone straight to the last line.
"Prime Minister John Key could not be reached for comment last night"


Anonymous said...

It's disgusting Dunny is pushing this in ANZAC week?

What did the ANZAC's die for:
* for God
* for King
* for Empire!

Dunny is spitting in the face of all three.

WAKE UP said...

It's absurd that Dunne is still in Parliament.

Allan said...

Dunne is a waste of space and just a bloody food waster. I agree it is absurd that he is still in Parliament. The clown should have been booted years ago for all the good that he does. He would be unemployable in the real world.