Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do we need a ministry for men??

Do we in the pussy whipped nation of New Zealand need a Ministry for Men?

After being ridden roughshod over by the harridans of Helengrad, isn't there now a case for the tide to turn?

Over in Britain, Conservative Home looks at the issue, as Gorden's Brown's number 2, Harriet Harpie, brings in fresh new 'equality' legislation.

The article looks at issues like education, cancer, crime, domestic violence; where there is a marked difference between the sexes. Yet government is doing little here and men are significantly worse off and discriminated against.

We could easily argue the same applies here in New Zealand.

Now, you might argue that things are bad for Britain, if their Conservatives are now going down a similar PC route.

Unless, of course, the aim is to highlight the inconsistencies of ministers for women, ministers for minorities and other supposed discriminated groups.

And we must not forget the plight of that most abused minority, the taxpayer, who has to foot the bill for such follies.

As New Zealand faces a tough budget, perhaps a government reflection of such activities, ministers and ministries might lead to the abolition of such posts here.

Surely in the name of equality, in a country where women have achieved so many top jobs, such organisations and roles are archiac and patronising.

Furthermore, you also cannot have one without the other!


Lindsay said...

No, no, no. You mustn't lower yourselves to collectivist claptrap. Two wrongs don't make a right and all that...

Observer said...

Seems fair to me, we have ministries/departments for:
Pacific Islanders

Having a ministry for Pakeha non-pacifica males, over the age of 18, with no impediments to earning a good living and paying taxes, would just be fair dues in my estimation!

Anonymous said...

I want to see a Commission of Inquiry into the Tax Abuse of the Pale Male and Stale


WAKE UP said...

No no no! F'Chrissake, MAN UP, guys !