Friday, April 24, 2009

David Farrar and Russell Brown in new alliance!!

Interesting little story from John Drinnan at the New Zealand Herald concerning the country's top two bloggers fronting an advertising campaign for Powershop.
Now, I have no beef with bloggers making money in advertising, as long as they make it clear what is paid-for content.
Bloggers like David have gained much trust in recent years, so they do need to be careful. I have wondered about comments elsewhere on other blogs, thinking 'have they been paid to say that.'
Anyway, I am sure David makes a lovely Uncle Sam.
But trust Russell to choose the face of a killer.
Those lefties still have much to learn!


Benjamin said...

Russel Brown is a global warming proponent and a state worshiper.

Rob O'Neill said...

The face is Russell's. He chose the hat of a killer