Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Champions League 2009: Arsenal v Manchester United

The title to this post alone should get us a few hundred overseas hits and raise our stats counter.

Tomorrow, 6:45am NZT, The Arse v Man U at Old Trafford, Leg 1.

In about a week's time Cactus will be ~ $250 poorer and writing in glowing terms on her blog about Arsenal.



Peter said...

Sorry Gooner, Man U for the Claytons treble.

No need for the Arse to hire a throphy cleaner for the next 12 months.

Barnsley Bill said...

1-nil to the scum at half time

Chemist Peter said...

leave my scum alone BB. They are good scum not southern scum.

Inventory2 said...

Bugger! Bugger!! Bugger!!! The Scum win 1-nil. Still, we only have to win 1-nil at Emirates, because we KNOW what will happen to The Scum when it gets down to a penalty shootout!

alex Masterley said...


I can hear laughter from Hong Kong. If the Arse don't win at emirates your wallet is toast.

Chemist Peter said...

Problem is for the Arse is that I reckon ManU will score, if this is so the Arse will need to score at least 3 goals.

Not being biased I give ManU 80% chance of making it to Rome, hence Arsene will have another 'empty cabinet' season.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that the failure to score an away goal causes me concern. Mind you we knocked four past Liverpool a few weeks ago, but the player who scored all four cannot play in the reverse tie.


Heine said...

United may have lost Ferdinand and that is only good news for the Gunners. Watch the second home leg at Emirates, I am quite confident we will get a couple goals and book our tickets to Rome.

I just wish we had our good defenders back and Arshavin wasn't bloody cup tied!

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