Saturday, April 25, 2009

But What About The Successes?

Granny Herald is back to it's old game of sensationalising one side of a story while studiously ignoring the other. Previously I had thought this practice was confined to tabloid shows like TVNZ's Fair Go and Sunday programmes.

This time it's the losses incurred by Auckland City Council's trading arm, The Edge. The Edge runs, among other things, the Aotea Centre and Aotea Square. According to its website it is required as well to provide for a number of non profit activities for which funds are provided by the council.

The big whinge from the Herald and others is that recently The Edge made a trading loss of some $1.9 million on a production of My Fair Lady. This somehow was likened to the ARC's disastrous Beckham debacle.

Adolf would feel better informed if he knew how many times and to what value The Edge has turned a profit for the rate payers of Auckland,

Accordingly he has written and asked for copies of the organisation's last five year's profit and loss accounts. (For wet behind the ears accounting graduates that's real English for "statements of financial performance.)

I'm more than intrigued as to why Mayor Banks has not called for this information.

Could it be that there has been no profit?

If so, the first thing he should do when he is elected Lord Mayor is to sell off all these unprofitable liabilities with their associated bricks and mortar to private companies who will take the decisions necessary to render them profitable. Then all his grand council will have to do is pay the businesses to provide the council designated non profit activities.

If he's not prepared to do that then he is no more than just another Fiddler on The Hoof

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ZenTiger said...

Slaughtering the cash cows, Adolf?

Actually, I guess the cash cow is the taxes that fund this, and to end the pork barreling the cash sows must go!