Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Antarctica is a big girl's blouse

Idiot/Savant over at No Right Turn has put up his daily shrill on climate change. This time it's on the Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctica which has collapsed. It is now a race to see what kills us all first: climate change or swine flu.

But isn't Antarctica just bloody soft? I mean, climate change, if it has occurred at all, might have raised the temperature in Antarctica over the last 100 years by...............wait for it...............3 degrees. Yep, a whole 3 degrees. So if we apply averages to that, Antarctica has gone from its usual average of -49 (that's minus 49!) to - 46 (minus 46!). That's not during the last year, but the last hundred!

If Antarctic ice can't handle that then we are well and truly stuffed because it shows how fragile the World really is.

If the World is this fragile, that it cannot handlel a minuscue increase in temperature without ice breaking up all over the place, then I'm buggered if I'm going to spend my only life on this planet worrying about trying to save it when on this evidence it cannot be saved.

Antarctica is a big girl's blouse that can't handle a little hot air.

Pic stolen from FFM.

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