Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why cannot the spouses of Kiwi MPs enjoy paid-for porn?

Oh how we laughed at the UK Home Secretary putting in an expenses claim for her husband's pornography.
But as Britain becomes embroiled in an uproar over this and other related scandals, just what is the system in New Zealand?
I cannot for one minute imagine the husband of Judith Collins, who is perhaps the nearest Kiwi equivalent to Jacqui Smith, wanting to buy porn and asking the taxpayer to pay, but what if he did?
What are the New Zealand rules with regards expenses? I don't know the New Zealand system for MPs having expenses and claiming for them. But do we have budgets, bulk funding or what?
I do recall various housing allowance scandals involving a Marion Hobbs and Phylidda Bunkle a while back, but New Zealand seems to have been spared the rampant abuse of Gordonistan.
Surely our honorable members cannot be more honorable or honest, even during the corrupt Helengrad years?
Or is our system more easy? Our press more compliant? Or what?
Why don't we produce our MPs expenses, so David Farrar or Whale Oil can post them on his blog like Guido Fawkes has here on a website ?
Why don't we have shocking stories like the husband and wife MPs who claimed £250,000 for a second home.
Where is our list of the ten most outrageous claims, like what The Times has published?.
So, as Britain faces various calls in the blogs and in the media for a review of the system, we seem to be escaping such scandals.
Why? Have we got it right; and if so what advice should we give the Brits?


Cactus Kate said...

Doesn't FFM have his own blog?

bobux said...

The rules are different. As I understand it, British MPs (except those living in Central London) can receive state support to buy a second home in London. There are some unclear requirements about eligibility, related to which house then becomes your 'primary home'. Furniture, fittings and services in the London home are also eligible for taxpayer funding.

The NZ system is very different. Those holding Ministerial warrants are eligible for state-owned or rented houses in central Welington. The houses are already furnished - I have no idea who pays for the services. If you lose your portfolio, you move out.

The NZ system appears (to me) to have less potential for abuse, and the pool of recipients is much smaller.


I do but I get around Cactus.

Thank you Bobux, much appreciated.

mawm said...

and if so what advice should we give the Brits?

That you can get your porn free on the net - all you need is a computer and broadband.

Graeme Edgeler said...

The reason you can find out about this stuff is that in the UK, their equivelant of the Official Information Act applies to Parliament.

Ministerial expenses are OIA-able in NZ, but Parliamentary expense entitlements are not.

The rules on entitlements are, however, available:


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