Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Waste Of Good Shit Paper

So says a reprimanded senior exec from TVNZ about the DomPost.

Andy Shaw’s angry swipe at a television critic has earned him his own bad review. Photo / Herald on Sunday
photo pinched from The Herald

Read this article and you will get a first hand view of what you get for your charter funding tax payer subsidy. Yards and yards of crass, low quality, junk programming which fails even to appeal to the brain damaged young morons churned out by Labour's education system. Turned out by people who regards this sort of public comment (describing the DomPost) as intelligent and funny.

Mr Shaw called the Wellington newspaper "just a waste of good s*** paper".

Adolf's spies tell him the reason a much hyped hit job on the Presbyterian Church was pulled from this week's Sunday programme are revealing of the attitudes prevailing within TVNZ.

Apparently, in response to a request that the programme should be unbiased, balanced and fair, the show's dim witted producer wrote to a church executive pointing out that Sunday did not have the financial resources to probe 'the other side of the story' or words to that effect. (Presbyterians may well wonder what happens with their respective contributions to TVNZ charter funding. Perhaps they are used to promote tolerance of Islam.) Of course it did not take long for the hapless idiot's e-mail to hit the desk of Broadcasting Minister Jonathon Coleman.

Adolf understands a directive was issued that the piece, like all stories, should be fair and balanced.

TVNZ - a moral and ethical wasteland.



Getting the other side of the story is one of the basics of journalism.
Fair and balanced journalism is what the MSM should strive for, for that is what should make them different to nasty bloggers like me.
When I wear my journalism hat I try and be as fair and balanced as I can. And I don't get complaints doing so.
This is what TVNZ needs to realise.
Being fair and balanced also offers some protection from legal action.
A few phone calls to the church or an on camera interview to some church official in Auckland would hardly break the bank.

TVNZ needs top realise that better, fairer journalism might do wonders in the ratings.
And higher ratings means more advertising revenue.
Better quality programmes would also improve the image of TVNZ , helping it argue to give less of a dividend to government.
That TVNZ person who said they had no money to do their jobs should be fired. I am sure there are others around who could handle the TVNZ budgets more effectively.

WAKE UP said...

TVNZ isn't short of money, it's short of imagination.

Anonymous said...

adolf - you have to be fucking joking! that is outrageous. almost as bad as Shithouse Times editor Fred Tulett telling radio Pravda on Sunday that he detested 'fluffy women's magazine journalism' - that would be oppsoed to the poorly written and researched shite his so-called journalists pump out on a daily basis.
I blame the journalism schools - the Southern Institute of Technology has as its two main tutors two guys who would be lucky to have two years daily paper experience each (and those daily papers weren't the greatest...)

Bok said...

Andy is just another small man with a chip on his shoulder. How sad. Someone should tell the little pixie
that it is a reviewer's job. It's evn in the title. They are called Critics.

Anonymous said...

The media is in great crisis.
It needs to invest in decent staff with skills.
This applies to the papers as well as TVNZ.
How can this be funded?
Savings in top management, which Bill Ralston blogged about recently.
Extra revenue accruinmg from better advertising and cover price revenue (sales).
The MSM has tried slash and burn and it doesn't work.
Perhaps impartiality and professionalism might present a far more profitable alternative.
However, I did note the APN and Fairfax profits are still healthy.


Anonymous said...

(Thank God for SKY!)

Anonymous said...

Adolf my good man -- you should tell your wingnut friend with Obamanoia that Jesus didn't have a birth certificate.

Those who persist with the ridiculous 'Obamamessiah' should remember that.

Anonymous said...

TVNZs a pathetic waste of money Why the hell should we taxpayers own a TV station I have a look at its programmes but then switch over to one of the many Sky channels that have some intelectual content.

That TV1 breakfast show with the twittering blonde bimbo and the jerk is an insult to my intelligence. Its desgined for no brains by no brains and presented by no brains.