Sunday, March 22, 2009

They Never Learn

The good people at Radio Left Wing don't seem to understand NZ is no longer a socialist's utopia.

The lead story at 0300 was a rant from some jumped up heavily accented WOG (westernised oriental gentleman) from the inexorably corrupt United Nations, berating NZ for being number 15 on the OECD list of 22 nations which donate foreign aid. This looks like another of those feel good socialist bed wetting projects the Bilious Bitch and her mates signed us up to in 2000. They've called it The Millenium Project.

Mr Korruption himself, Kofi Annan and a UN head tilter

Adolf has some advice for these pricks from the UN.

Go and tell all your yabbering Ayrab and African mates to stop buying Kalashnikovs and spend the money on the poor. Problem solved overnight.

When we can improve our health system so that our citizens no longer die by the thousand waiting for treatment; when we improve our defense forces to the stage that we can put aircraft onto the sky and ships onto the sea all year round instead of just 120 days each year; when we can drive through our largest city in less than ninety minutes; when we can turn out from our schools young adults who know how to read and write other than text language; when we can lock crims up and actually keep them locked away; maybe, just maybe, we might be able to afford to spend a little more on foreign aid.


KG said...

Too bloody right! And how come we never see the festering cesspit U.N. assholes criticizing Arab countries for the tiny percentage of their wealth which is spent on aid?
Mind you, Saudi Arabia spends billions funding madrassas and mosques in order to spread the filth of Wahabbism worldwide...
Time for a cruise missile or two, aimed squarely at the rotten U.N.

KG said...

In fact, screw foreign aid in general, except perhaps in our own backyard.
All the trillions of dollars poured into Africa over decades have achieved SFA except to buy tinpot dictators Benz limos and French champagne.
Charity begins at home.

WAKE UP said...

WOG used to mean Wily Oriental Gentleman; now it means Westernised Oriental Gentleman - but they're still wily, and should be told where to get off right from the beginning.

This whole UN thing would be hilarious if it wasn't so hypocritically tragic. The UN is actually yet another great Western invention that has been fucked up by allowing people to run it who STILL don't get it.

I hope McCully remains staunch on the aid issue. It's time to send a few more strong messages.

mawm said...

....and African mates to stop buying Kalashnikovs

..and Armani, big black armoured mercs, Johnny Walker Black Label, gold taps in their houses, etc.

BEE in South Africa has shownd up the sordid, grasping greed displayed by the 'new' political elite as they enrich themselves from the public coffers, through crime, bribes and insider deals; vulgarly displaying it as a sign of their (self)importance - all the while the peasants who voted them into power get poorer and poorer.

Most African countries would do far better without the 'helping hand' of patronising white liberals from foreign lands (all driving brand spanking new Landcruisers and partying to all hours in 5 star hotels, and often 'requesting' sex for favours) teaching them unsuitable, incomprehensible western ways to do things that fly in the face of their traditions.

Anonymous said...

We have far bigger and more important problems here to be worrying about and spending our money on. Let private investment take care of developing those nations (and let white farmers back to their farms by restoring property rights).

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh, and in case you're wondering, Adolf was up at 0300 to discharge ballast and take on water.

PaulL said...

Hmm. 15th in GDP per head, 15th in donations to foreign countries. Doesn't sound unreasonable to me. Maybe if we worked on being wealthier, one side effect would be more donations to unworthy causes?

WAKE UP said...

"Oh, and in case you're wondering, Adolf was up at 0300 to discharge ballast and take on water"

Well, actually we are not, mate; you don't have to justify your nocturnal/early diurnal habits to us - I only found out that there are two 8.00 o,clocks in a day recently! :)

Clunking Fist said...

"I only found out that there are two 8.00 o,clocks in a day recently! :)"

Fuck me: no wonder you're called Wake Up!

I once was allowed to sleep past 8am...ah the memories...

PhilBest said...

Take a look at some of the graphs HERE:

Private sector philanthropy is greater than government given, AND heaps more effective.

It helps if it is given at street level, not given to corrupt and inefficient governments and tinpot dictators.

The UN should just stuff off. It is obvious who they are in the business of enabling.

WAKE UP said...

Well, Clunky, I did exaggerate a li'l bit...but when you've been a musician most of your life, your start/finish parameters do eventually tend to shift en bloc (despite any number of wives/children :) and it's quite difficult to shift them back.

Clunking Fist said...

I'm waiting for the day my sprogs turn into teenagers, then I shall sleep in until lunchtime, too.

WAKE UP said...

Clunky, that's what you think - but a different set of challenges then present themselves ! Cheers , Wakey :#)

He who will never donate to an Government or NGO disaster relief appeal again said...

An example of how bad the UN AND NGOs really are.

After the Boxing Day tsunami, a number of Sri Lankan immigrants resident in Wellington, Greymouth and Palmerston North - assisted by a few kiwis - raised money to help alleviate the ravages in their mother country. 12 months later, I happened to visit Colombo with my wife (who grew up there,) and we decided to go and see what the $250,000 we had raised had achieved.

The money had been given directly to a village that had been totally wrecked, and was accompanied by a building 'foreman' donated by a local businessman. Of the 32 houses that were originally in the village, 29 had been totally replaced, the other three were in an advanced state of construction, and the village 'centre' (school, church, meeting place, cinema, etc., all in one room,) was operating at capacity. We were proud of what had been achieved, and saddened by the fact that there wasn't enough money to replace the furniture and other belongings that had vanished into the waters of the ocean. (That was put right after we returned to NZ a few weeks later with a shipment of three containers of 'unneeded' goods from donors).

What disgusted us was the things we passed on the way from Colombo to the village, a two hour journey. Vast signs, (we measured one of them, it was 5x3 metres!!) telling passers by that this that or the other Charity (e.g. World Vision, Save The Children) was going to build X number of houses on this site at some unspecified future date. AS we returned we passed by the Colombo Hilton, (best hotel in the country - US$200 per night) and decided to stop there for dinner (I was ready for a simple western dish by then). We were amazed to see dozens of brand new pristine SUVs parked in the hotel garage, all with World Vision or Red Cross logos on them. My wife asked a hotel worker, in Sinhalese, what was with the SUVs, he answered that these two organisations had taken 80% of the hotels rooms, and each worker had a room to themselves as well as their own vehicle! He believed they drove down to the stricken areas each day after breakfast and travelled back in time for dinner. All I could think was that I hoped there was some money left at the end to put up the buildings. My brother-in-law went down the same road a few weeks ago, and told me there were now only seven 'coming soon signs' left, and that there were now many 'canvass villages', with wood-sided tents as the main dwellings in evidence along the road. I guess that's all that could be afforded by the NGOs that actually did something.

PS. There are NO signs anywhere near 'our' village, this was specifically requested by the group here that organised the fund-raising. However, there is a beautifully carved silver fern on a plinth at the side of the road, pointing the way to the 'All-Blacks village hall'.

WAKE UP said...

Dear He Who Will Never....:

yep, you've just confirmed something. This happens everywhere, with the AIDS rort in Africa being the worst example - read "The Wisdom of Whores: bureaucrats, brothels and the business of AIDS", by Elisabeth Pisani, a stunning (and depressing) book.