Friday, March 20, 2009

Take a hike

Foreign Affairs officials are warning the Government that its hardline sentencing and non-parole policy risk damaging New Zealand's international reputation.

With who exactly? Probably the nambies that Helen spent a lifetime buttering up to to ensure a comfortable retirement.

In the real world our reputation will only be enhanced as tourists will feel safer coming here and many decent NZer's will sleep better at night knowing scumbags are off the streets.

The UnNecessary can take a hike.

And speaking of hiking, I'm away next week on the boy's annual tramping expedition, out the back of Queenstown, so posting will be nonexistant.(whiskey is more important than laptops) Hopefully will return in one piece with photos.


Doozer said...

hear hear that man!
I was hoping you would post about that when i read it this morning in the H.

You hit the nail on the head, it will have the opposite effect of what they are worried about with regards the people who want to come and live here. With so many high profile rape/murders of tourists in the last few years this may actually improve things like tourism and immigration.

What a bunch of muppets for even thinking that (and printing it!).
They must be the usual liberal elite who are not usually affected by violent crime, and think that the most hardened of crims (or up and coming scumbags) can be rehabilitated, after their horrible upbringing (make them the victim boo hoo).

Next they will bring in a more robust social welfare system, and get those bloody bludgers back to work………ok, ok, dreams are free.

Good on you guys, keep up the good work.

And yep, whiskey is much more important than a laptop, have a great time down south.


Baxter said...

Clearly the Nation is not being competently represented by the current Foreign Affairs Boffins.Their claims are stupid even if they would have found favour with the former Liabour/Green coalition.

WAKE UP said...

Actually, our image overseas is anything but clean, green and safe, particularly in Holland. Any cleaning up of that image has to start with cleaning out the bureaucracies administering it all.

KG said...

Foreign Affairs fancy themselves as a branch office of the U.N.

emmess said...

Saw David Garrett on the TVNZ7 news. He said he looked up the countrys on the council, and they include Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Pakistan

Anonymous said...

With the make-up of he United Nations Civil Rights Council, ANYTHING they are agaonst has to be good

Anonymous said...

California has a three strikes law and it does not seem to suffer in this respect.
I cant think of a single shred of evidence to support this view.

Anonymous said...

So, we are prepared to tell the USA that they can't bring their nuclear ships here, but we are worried about what other countries might think if a few filthy scumbags are locked up? Absolutely pathetic.

MFAT are just a collection of left wing intellectuals, out of touch with what most kiwis stand for.