Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stupid things people say

It's time to play "Stupid Things People Say".

First up tonight is the Cock of Campbells Bay, who moonlights as the Mayor of North Shore. For all of those not in Auckland, that's in the greater Auckland region. One might then suppose that the COCB might just have the people of greater Auckland in his best interests in matters of tax and things like that. But what's this:
This is brilliant news for Auckland that we will not have to fund our rail electrification, ferry upgrades, integrated ticketing and the Penlink causeway solely from fuel taxes taken within the Auckland region," Mr Williams said.

I would like to extend my thanks to the people from the likes of Gore, Timaru, Hokitika, Waipukurau, Stratford, Opotiki, and Kerikeri for contributing in the future to Auckland' transport woes.

Mr Williams said Aucklanders were willing pay their own way out of congestion problems, "but others knew better in Wellington.
Next up tonight on Stupid Things People Say is naysayer extraordinaire and self-confessed Marxist, Bomber. Let's hear it for the Big Bomb Man:
While some of our political parties pretend climate change has nothing to do with the pollution...
A-ha Bomber! It's no pretence my man. Climate change, if happening, does have nothing to do with pollution as the main greenhouse gas, Co2 isn't a pollutant. Plants live off it!

And finally, last up tonight on this special edition of Stupid Things People Say is Jordan Carter. Jordan thinks this about the economic situation:
What does it all add up to? Export markets contracting in volume terms, prices for our exports falling, and only a long slow recovery at the end of it, no matter what happens. And that is why I am looking with growing incredulity at a New Zealand Government that wants us to think that things might soon turn around.

My fear is the opposite: that we ain't seen nothing yet.
Classic quotes from a man who holds office in the Labour Party. The very same party whose finance minister in the last government said we wouldn't be affected by the global economic crisis!

What fun.


harpoon said...

CO2 increases will be bad for the world. CO2 in an of itself isn't a pollutant. But it all depends on the level. It's like grog; one glass of Scotch is nice, but drink three bottles in a sitting and you're liable to die of alchohol poisoning. That is the science.

Clunking Fist said...

Well, that's certainly the science of alcohol. And, sure, if you sit in a sealed room and breath nothing but co2 you won't last long.

The concentration of carbon dioxide is given in units of parts per million by volume, also abbreviated “ppmv.”

Before the industrial era, circa 1800, atmospheric CO2 concentration was between 275 and 280 ppmv
By the year 2000 it has risen to about 367 ppmv.

Are you having any problems breathing, Harp-on?

Clunking Fist said...

Ooops, chopped this bit off:

A change from 275 to 367 ppmv is a 33% increase. So using your analogy, it's like having a glass-and-a-third bender of scotch. That is the science...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the "Cock from Campbells Bay" might like to explain to us all where the funds for his bus lanes came from. Because those bus lanes dont do much for the rest of auckland on the southern side of the bridge.
Fucking labour loving dickhead.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Carter? You mean Mr 70 on the List?
Hes an irrelevance. Just ignore him.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Carter? You mean Mr 70 on the List?
Hes an irrelevance. Just ignore him.

He was (perhaps still is) on the Labour exec or campaign committee - and he's on the list.

That means, of course he should be jailed

That said - he's right about the economy. Which is why Key fucking around with cycleways, raising taxes, paying billions more for trains, etc etc is completely the wrong thing to do.

He should be cutting taxes, selling assets, and most importantly cutting expenditure by chopping the big spending items - health, welfare, education now before the real mess arrives.