Monday, March 23, 2009

S92A..... So what. The polite version

We would all have ignored it anyway.
Many of us suspected this was foisted on us for a few reasons.

1.Tizard is a shameless freeloading trougher and the "luvvies" filled her up with liquid panty remover to get it in.
2. The yanks demanded it as part of Phill Goffs fake free trade talks with the USA which was never anything more than a patronising pat on the head anyway.
3. Labour wanting to shut down the noise.. That noise being the blogs who all use pinched pics.

How nice it is to be able to look up without fear of the labour party smashing it's boot in our teeth anymore.

Disclosure.. Have never downloaded any music... YET.
But as my local Warehouse does not stock Back in Black which needs replacing on CD after the first born STOLE it when he visited at Xmas....... Can somebody point me to a place where I can acquire this electronically without being forced to endure a legion of pop ups.
Oh, and it needs to be in a format that can save to my Ipod. I am up to 237 days of paid for music on this magnificent piece of kit but without Back in Black it is like Xmas without trifle.

Cross posted at the sewer with the sweary bits put back in.


Spider_Pig said... Not free but cheap and legal!

Spider_Pig said...

but maybe they won't be able to play on your iPod...

Barnsley Bill said...

Need free, quick to download and playable on the ipod.

Anonymous said...

Do you have lime wire?? This is very compatible with ipod. If you dont you will have to download the limewire application first.

Barnsley Bill said...

Thanks, I have tried Limewire. I attempted to download the quantum of solace. It seemed to take forever (days) and all I ended up with was some filthy german group sex clip. A not altogether unpleasant surprise. But not what I originally wanted.

Barnsley Bill said...

Oh, and before I drink so much I cannot reply..
Spider_Pig... directing me to a website that ends in .RU is at best; a very unfriendly act.

WAKE UP said...

Bill why don't you just buy B in B via Amazon or any other one of the legit online stores?

createcoms said...

Barnsley Bill, Limewire is not the place to get movies.

You need Vuze and The Pirate Bay.

I just did a search for Quantum of Solace and found this:

Or if you like High definition:

Oh look a search for Back in Black even yielded results:

Socrates said...

Why not buy it from Itunes???