Monday, March 30, 2009

Rise of Sea Levels the "greatest lie ever told"

Says an actual ocean scientist, one who has been studying oceans in the field as opposed to watching them on computer screens, via the Daily Telegraph.

Hat Tip: Crusader Rabbit.


Redbaiter said...

There's another lie- that Earth Hour was a success.

See Whale's charts-

Psycho Milt said...

It depends how you define "success." Given that it was a meaningless gesture intended solely to generate publicity, the fact that it generated publicity constitutes "success."


Indeed, it is a shame that Booker's work is not published here.
You would think someone would run his articles that are not directly UK-centric.
I have always enjoyed Christopher Booker and I loved his piece the other week about those Arctic explorers whose voyage was meant to prove climate change but they struck much colder weather than usual.
I blogged about this, including linking the 'greatest lie ever told' piece over at The Fairfacts Media Show on Sunday.

As for Earth Hour, I accep PM's point about publicity. In that respect he is right but it is encouraging to see more of a debate around the issue of climate change, which is perhaps why electricity consumption fell nowhere near as much as last year.
People are waking up to the idea that AGW theory is but a theory pushed around by statists rather than anything based on reality.

Sally said...

I read in the NBR that Contact Energy has been buying land for more wind farm pylons. Crazy stuff when Britain’s largest windfarm companies are pulling out of wind as fast as they can.