Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Obama's birth certificate: Doubts flare up again!

While much of the blogosphere is buzzing over Obama's destruction of the US economy, those allegations about his eligibility to the US presidency still linger.
You may recall this is something I have covered here at No Minister several times, noting controversies over Obama's refusal to reveal his birth certificate.
The Democrats, naturally, say Obama WAS born in Hawaii and all is fine and dandy.
But the questions remain, even if the more mainstream right is also happy to believe the Obama Messiah.
Little Green Footballs, for example, has no time for such allegations, but Politico magazine gives them a broad airing.
Indeed, a quick trawl through Google reveals the controversy has flared up in recent days, with AOL running a major story on the issue as Obama passed his 100 days anniversary. Interestingly enough, nearly half its readers say they doubt Obama's eligibility.
World Net Daily has been pushing the story, noting 300,000 have signed a petition demanding Obama release more details about his birth.
Firebrand Republican Conservative Alan Keyes (above), who once ran against Obama, is demanding the Messiah comes clean in comments that made You Tube.
Another Republican senator also raised the issue , gaining national attention.
I'm still open to arguments one way or the other.

The Messiah has done much to hide his past, including his education records, affiliations, etc. But the right may be on firmer ground just focussing on attacking him on the economy.

Nonetheless, while Obama refuses to release his birth certificate (not certificate of live birth) these rumours will linger and it still leaves the question, what is he hiding?


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Comedy gold. Keep it up!

Alan said...

Obama is a shifty leftist swine.,
He will be hiding the truth alright
as socialists are prone to.

Cris Ericson said...

Hi! I posted digital photos of relevant laws, please copy and post on your blog because you have more readers, o.k.?
Cris Ericson
SEE photos of relevant Laws!

Wayne said...

I heard that Elvis stole the certificate and is hiding it somewhere on Mars. Either that or the fact that the State has ownership of original birth certificates might have something to do with it. Try going to the courthouse and telling them that you want your ORIGINAL birth certificate and see what they say. They'll tell you to go pound sand.


I see that the story has now been picked up by Britain's Daily Telegraph.
This might mean a more mainstream airing of the allegations at this side of the world too, showing No Minister likes to be first with news and commentary.
The Japanesae global warming story seems not to have had an airing in New Zealand either.
Certainly Obama has a great issue to face, especially if people keep poking holes into the little proof he has offered in his defence.
I guess the matter won't truly rest until he does release his actual birth certificate.

Anonymous, was that you Ackers, or DenMT, far from being comedy gold, this situation is far from hilarious.

It means we have had a candidate and a party who may have perpretated one huge lie, one major fraud with the voting public of America.

There will be many who will feel cheated, that democracy was not allowed to happen.

Indeed, let us imagine Obama was ineligible.

There would be tens of millions of angry Republicans and independents on one side, angry at being cheated , the fraud committed by Obama and the Democrats.

There would be Democrats who would feel cheated too.

But what about the millions of the Obama followers. They wouldn't be too happy if their Messiah had top relinquish the presidenc y.

Or would the Democrats and Obama ride roughsod over the US constituation.

I see on other blogs that states are revolting over Obama's budget.

This, on top of an illigitimate US presidency, would not auguar well for the stability of the US as a nation.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ Fairfacts!
Yes, the implications are huge and no wonder the Obamatons carry on with their cover up.
Revealing the Messiah to be a fraud would lead to full scale civil war.
The Republicans would rightfully claim a stolen election.
The followers of the One would not want to reliquish power.
Migh Hillary save the day? Or Jospeh Lieberman?
The Democrats have created one almighty mess.
And I too cannot see the speculation ending until Obambi releases his birth certificate for all it entails.
This is perhaps the post of the Kiwi blogosphere today for its potential implications.
I wonder if the story will be mentioned here, not the Daily telegrpah has ran it.
Or do we have to see it in the Independent?


Anonymous said...

yup As I have said all along if he had nothing to hide he would release his BC the more he refuses the more likely the reason is because it will show its not eligible to be Pres.

Like I said at the beginning Ive seen a number of cases in clubs and other NFPs where a person has been presumed to be eligible for election to a post and even belived it themselves until its been discovered there was an impediment usually technical but still an impediment.

usually because noone asked the 3rd question at the right time and it was too late when it was asked.

I figure this wont go away at at some point it will all come out



This look like a story with yet more life.
Now a conference is being called to look into the matter


Anonymous said...

Andy Martin! His view is that Obama's father is Frank Marshall Davis. Is that the conspiracy theory you are buying, or the Kenyan birth one? Why not both!

You didn't say that the Daily Telegraph article puts this on a par with the notion that Bush ordered 9/11, and that Al Gore is a vampire.


I always thought Al Gore looked a bit pale and that explains it :)
The issue is that a story, be it true or not, has worked its way from the fringe into the mainstream.
The mainstream might poopoo as Politico, AOL and the Telegraph might.
But now the story is increasingly outh there it will allow the public to make their own inquiries and think and decide for themseleves.
And we see many not believing Obama.
And all because he won't release his birth certificate!
What has he got to hide?