Sunday, March 22, 2009

Matt lights up again

Matt really should quit smoking bananas

I like to think it has dawned on most people that unfettered capitalism is
just a form of gangsterism and is past its use-by date.

The real problem is that unfettered capitalism only exists between Matt's ears.

If it did exist people would have the freedom to choose to enjoy cigarettes and the freedom to take responsibility and pay for any nasty consequences to their actions.

It is actually unfettered socialism that is the problem.

Telling people that the state will look after then, regardless of their choices, personal responsibilities and actions is what is really past its used-by date.

If Matt's world really existed two things would have happened by now

1. Labour would have used it's 9 years of unfettered socialist gangsterism to throw tobacco companies out.

2. No one would now smoke in Cuba -the home of the world's finest cigar.

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emmess said...

I actually agree with McCarten up until his final couple of sentences. He concludes that all hard drugs should be legalized, wouldn't the logical thing be for tobacco (or least the sale of it) to be banned?