Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Matt The Cat Shat On

Well something certainly shat all over McCarten this week for him to have produced unarguably the most ill informed fatuous nonsense he has ever written in this morning's Herald.

The headline says it all, really.

Key needs to stop playing with ideology and get serious

But McCarten himself just does not seem able to get serious. He want's us to print more money like the rest of the world is doing. Apparently no-one yet has told him our current fiscal stimulus package is as large as that of any other country when measured in the only sane way which is dollars per capita of population.

"It seems every country in the world is following the US lead and pouring in massive amounts of public money to keep their economies solvent. That's everyone except, apparently, New Zealand."

And John Key is smart enough to see where that will put them in five or ten years time - down the gurglar of stagflation and high costs of production. He is positioning NZ to be better off and more competitive than it's trading partners

Then McCarten trots out the old 'does anyone believe' trick.


"For example, does anyone believe the nonsense run by Accident Compensation Corporation Minister Nick Smith is any more than a ruse to privatise accident insurance to business?"

and here:-

"Does anyone think they'll be paying lower accident levies for a better performance if it's sold?"

No Matt. No one, not even the National Party, believes it is going to be sold or privatised.

It IS going to be opened up to the discipline of genuine competition and it McCarten had his eyes open he would know that a good sixty percent of New Zealanders believe that will be a very good thing. Bill Ralston seems to think it will be a good thing.

Readers, including Fran O'Sullivan should study the actions of the current administration and ignore the rhetoric of it's detractors. Not so long ago I recall her lambasting John Key for failing to include Labour in a 'bipartisan' approach to the financial meltdown.' She and others don't appear to have noticed that in fact Prime Minister Key has drawn in and included all those organisations who share his political ideology - The unions, the employers, the bankers, the farmers, the ACT Party, the Maori Party, even the Green Party.

That ideology is "Whatever is good for New Zealand and new Zealanders."

The only stark absence is the Labour Party whose ideology - "Whatever is good for the Labour Party and its members"- has come very close to destroying our country.

It's time the The Herald dispensed with the services of McCarten, the greatest political ideologue of them all, and published the opinions of the far more astute leftist, Laila Harre.



Oh come on Adolf, sometime Matt is good for entertainment value.

But let us look at the countries having a stimulus.

Britain is resorting to the printing press, yet confidence gets lower, its governmetn gets even less popular and the joblosses continue.
That and a big spending Liarbour government isn't working.

The Messiah has his problems too.
The joblosses continue.
Confidence is shattered everytime the Messiah opens his mouth and the stockmarket continues its relentless decline.
The polls are turning against Obama, the States are rejecting the stimulus, threatening the basis of the US constitution, and 'tea parties' in protest at the massive debt and spending binge are being planned.

Pop over to Barnsley Bill and see the details.

As for Australia and its bailout, well it is awesome to give people cash, including Kiwis not resident there, and cash to dead people.
The only people to benefit from the $1000 or so Rudd is giving away will be China, or the travel agents, or the bottle stores.
That ain't a wise use of taxpayers' money either.

I have grave doubts over the cycleway and 9-day fortnight, but John Key seems to be doing the best of the lot.

Lou Taylor said...

That's right Adolf, McCarten should really be in the entertainment section of the herald.Just like when he used to talk up Clark as a world class leader and Unions as the answer to the meaning of life.

Lou Taylor said...

Actually on second thoughts give him all the headlines his ego obviously needs. Each article digs his socialist hole a bit deeper.

Anonymous said...

No Matt. No one, not even the National Party, believes it is going to be sold or privatised.

And here once again the benefits of Adolf's state education are displayed for all to see. 22 Billion. Just where is that going to come from?

ACC can't be sold or privitised simply because no-one in their right mind would buy it. The only options are a) Labour's - find $22 Billion and pour in into the mismanaged black hole that is ACC.

Or b) National - orderly shut-down. The idea that you can insure and entire country, is basically, crazy. ACC was always going to end like this and now it has.

CB said...

ACC is purely an extension of welfare.

If ACC was an Insurance then each persons premium would be based on risk. It is not!

Why am I paying a percentage of my income (a tax) as an insurance premium?

I don't pay a % of my income to insure my house, car, contents or life?

showmethetaxcut said...

It is a bit rich for the biggest ideologue in the country to suggest the Prime Minister's position is one of ideology rather than pragmatism.

Anonymous said...

I don't pay a % of my income to insure my house, car, contents or life?

Ahh CB, yet more state-educated stupidity.

No, you don't. You pay a %age of the value of your house, car, and contents, and a %age of your sum insured for your life.

Well guess what: ACC is an income protection insurance scheme. It pays out a %age of your income: so your premium is a %age of your income.

Frankly, as a flat, capped tax (ACC levies stop at something quite low like 80K) the ACC levy is a model to which all our other taxes should aspire!

CB said...

Anon (judging by the bolding - SINNER) - you have just confirmed that ACC is in fact a tax as opposed to an insurance premium - therefore it is an extension to the welfare state.

Get rid of ACC and charge me a premium based on MY risk and potential losses, don't make me pay for the risk of unlicensed boyracing unemployable drink drivers.

Anonymous said...

Of course ACC is a fucking socialist tax.

But: DUH - not because it is charged as a percentage of your income - lots of insurance schemes do that.

It is a tax because it is socialist, because it is compulsory, because it is paid by both employers and employees - not because it is a percentage!

Motor vehicle registration is a tax - and it isn't a percentage, it's just a flat fee. Gun license fees and liquor license fees are taxes too. So are speeding tickets and parking fines. None of those are proportional.

Indeed - I advocate a flat tax: say 10,000 for every man woman and child in NZ. It would be truly flat (not the pathetic ACT 15%, and much cheaper for anyone even on a moderate income).

But it would still be a tax.

The real problem with ACC is simple: it's just not possible to insure an entire country in a socialist system. The system will collapse with huge liabilities. Just as we have seen.

Anyone who wants to keep it (PM, Oram, etc)
please explain where is the $22 BILLION

Observer said...

Here's the rub.

Part of the $22 billion is losses on the reserves for future payments on already claimed liabilities. This makes sense as long as the market stays down for a long time - which it is predicted to do.

Another part is the escalating future cost of treatment for already identified and claimed injuries - the means by which one industry - therapeutic massage - has grown its revenues from ACC by 400% since physiotherapy (therapeutic massage) was included in the 'no contribution necessary' category of treatment. This wouldn't be too bad, if the socialists hadn't put the fox in charge of the hen-house! They made it OK for someone who felt they were injured to avoid going to an MD, who would be responsible for prescribing a course of treatment that may or may not include physiotherapy, and allowed the injured to go straight to the Physiotherapist, who could then certify the existence of an injury and prescribe the appropriate treatment, which in 100% of cases was a course of physiotherapy! Oh that I could have a business like that!

A third part is the downplaying of performance comparison of General Practitioners - which had become a major point of focus under the Garry Wilson regime at ACC. The current CEO, an MD, apparently doesn't think it reasonable to compare one doctor's treatment profile for a particular injury against a national statistical norm; enabling the old system milking to be reverted to by the tiny percentage of crooked medical practitioners that like to enhance their wealth at the cost of the common purse.

Finally, the inclusion of 'stress' as a workplace injury must surely be a real drain on the old pocket-book that no one in their right mind would have put on the books - but there it is! I plan on seeing if I can get a nice little private income going through this particular aspect of the ACC law, as I am seriously stressed at the moment due to the potential for redundancy which, when coupled with my advanced age, could put me in the nuthouse very soon. (Well, not that soon, the next election is still about 30 months away!)

Mark said...

Communist China holds trillions of dollars of US Bonds, and my tell Obama where he can stick his stimulus and bailout packages, otherwise they will not be buying anymore US Bonds because they know he will inflate his way out of the debt.

This will limit what Obama can do as he is relying on China to buy trillions more in US Bonds.