Saturday, March 21, 2009

Larger Than LIfe

Adolf and the Cook just got home from the movie "Salute Petra," a tribute to the late great Luciano Pavarotti. It was fabulous - the music, the voices, the unique venue.

Even if you are only marginally into classical music, get along to see it - locally at the Bridgeway Theatre in Northcote. You won't be disappointed.

And as for the gorgeously seductive soprano from Romania - well enough said.


kehua said...

With this reccomendation I will shout Mrs K to lunch and a Broadway Show tomorrow. Thankyou.

kehua said...

We did and it was a moving wee film, great venue and some great performances (not so sure about the unhealthy looking big guy from the States) Film plus a quick lunch(running late) at Sousalita was just a really nice Sunday experience. Many thanks for the `heads up`. Kia ora.