Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jobs and Gobs

Now that the recession is starting to kick in we are seeing plenty of reports of the loss of real jobs.
But I can only think of seeing one report of 20 government jobs (or gobs for short) going in the Environment Ministry.

As our economy goes from V8 to 4 cylinders we don't need such a big government handbrake.

Maybe the ratio should be 1 Job loss = 1 Gob loss.


Anonymous said...

1 Job loss = 1 Gob loss.

only 1:1? Why?

More to the point: benefits should only be paid to people who've lost real Jobs - not Gobs. Because a Gob is already a benefit: if you lose a benefit why do you get a new one

and - of course- anyone who's got or loses a Gob should be banned from getting another Gob - or a job for that matter.

showmethetaxcut said...

And I hope that the Govt's job guarantee scheme only applies to the productive sector and public servants are excluded altogether.

Otherwise National's desire for natural attrition will be thwarted.

Ackers said...

So can someone explain the difference between a Government job and any other kind of job?

Isn't the end result of losing a job, whether you are working for the government, the local council, a religious charity providing care for the aged or Joe the Plumber the same?

I'm assuming you have a job and bottom line is you don't really give a flying fuck about anyone who actually loses their job.

Psycho Milt said...

It's straightforward enough, Ackers. People who own their own business tend to look down on people who work for someone else, and they despise people who work in the public sector.

In the case of the anonymous fascist who likes bold type (Sinner), there's a clear hierarchy of god-like private sector employers whose every whim must be indulged, below them the slave-like minions they employ, and at the bottom everyone whose income derives in some form from taxation, all of whom are "bludgers" (except St Roger, natch).

Lou Taylor said...

My point is Ackers taht private sector jobs come and go with the state of the economy. State jobs only ever come. I'm not belittling the work as some of it is necessary just the fact that they expecta salary and pay rises regardless of economic conditions. I do have a job because I have always taken the responsibility of giving myself one.

Clunking Fist said...

"So can someone explain the difference between a Government job and any other kind of job?"

In the "any other" kind of job you have these things called "outputs" that your employer can sell to queer folk called "customers" in order to pay "wages". In the "any other" kind of jobs, if you fail to keep your customers happy, first the money then the jobs kinda evaporate.

Gummint jobs, on the other hand, have no discernable outputs and often not even any customers (passport office excepted).

Sometimes, folk with big Gobs believe that reports that redefine well know issues whilst offering no solution beyond nashing of teeth and group hugs (or the rape of taxpayers) ARE valid output.

That's why folk like me suggest that the stirling work of the Families Commission would continue after privatisation of the Commission, because customer demand would ensure it.*

*I may be joking here.