Friday, March 6, 2009

Robust/Gobust - you choose

"Bryers said the new company was more robust and would return to a
profitable trading position despite the impact of the global recession. "

Is Robust a step up from Gobust? I have my doubts especially in light of the recession.

So people you have been warned.

Never trust men with big hats and no cattle.

If it looks too good to be true it probably isn't.

Keep YOUR hand on YOUR cash.



And judging by Monkey Boy's peace on Obama, it is obvious that the Messiah must have one almightly huge


Anonymous said...

Bryers is prove positive that the previous legislators and current regulators are a bunch of incompetents. When Blue Chip was set up I was asked by several people whether they should invest. the answer was if you want to take a rick Go play the table at SkyCity they offer better odds.


thedavincimode said...


Bryers is in fact proof positive of how stupid people are.

Are you going to blame the guvmint because the little boy keeps putting his hand on the hot stove element even though he's been burned before?

You can't legislate against the blatant stupidity and fuck-knuckle mentality of people who are prepared to spend 100s of thousands of dollars on a rort but are too tight-fisted to spend a couple of hundred dollars on speaking to someone who can tell them not to be so bloody stupid.

Dumb dumber and dumber again.