Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Has Key laid a trap??? Will Uncle's UN corruption come out in the wash?

John Key has received a chorus of approval for dealing with his two naughty schoolboys.
He has shown fine leadership, but Liarbour is already licking its lips at the prospect of scandal.
Phil Goff is trying to appear saintly over the Richard Worth conflict of interest issue, saying he would have taken stronger action against him.
Annette King has made some comments about 'transparency.'
Labour is aiming to make hay over the issue in parliament today.
Now, considering the many many scandals of the Helengrad years it all seem a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. Indeed, the religious amongst us might want to say to Liarbour, 'let he who without sin, cast the first stone.'
But here we go. Liarbour feels it has its first scandal and questions are set for parliament this afternoon.
Whale Oil has noted how government MPs and Ministers have responded well underfire, a 'smackdown' for all the lefty probing.
So I hope National is well briefed to entrap Liarbour once more.
Indeed, at the weekend we were treated to a major scandal, one that the MSM has yet to pick up.
Ian Wishart delivered an appropriate closing chapter to Uncle Helen's Kiwi Career.
To paraphrase Annette King, all those donations 'is not a good look.'
Liarbour could well have made itself one almighty trap if it pushes the 'conflicts of interests' issue. And I hope National has it in them to use it.
Uncle Helen donating taxpayer money to the UN at the most interesting times, and then getting a job there, seems a most interesting conflict of interest to me.
I am sure that UN-Gate is a far bigger scandal than Richard Worth and one that finally needs its audience in the mainstream media.
How lovely to see corruption and conflicts of interest come up so soon.
Indeed, let he who is without sin, cast the first stone!


poneke said...

Gosh I’d love to hear your explanation for Worth’s actions and comments as reported in the Indian Express newspaper:


Bet you didn’t think this could be found on Google.

Puts the camel ride and the pyramids into the shade.

Redbaiter said...

Key should have fired Worth for reasons that are so manifest its almost tragic.

Very poor judgment IMHO.

Here he had the best chance ever to draw a line between the corruption of the Klark government and the Nats, and he let it slip.

At the same time providing the left with so much ammunition.

Piss poor.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poneke, what on EARTH are you blethering about?

The man was on a privately funded trip. Sure he's an idiot but corrupt? No.


I would not shed any tears over the loss of Richard Worth. Redbaiter is perhaps right, it would be a cause for celebration.

But if we are to have consistency, then we need to look at Uncle's purchase of her new role too.

Nobody has yet, so I would hope the airing of this scandal in parliament will ensure it makes the papers and tv.

To date, yet another one of Ian Wishart's juicy stories has been ignored.

All it takes is Key or some humble backbencher to mention to story in parliament and at least Sky will have it live.

To date, TVNZ has got all excited over this little mouse, while ignoring the big corrupt red elephant in the room.

Redbaiter said...

"To date, TVNZ has got all excited over this little mouse, while ignoring the big corrupt red elephant in the room."

Yep, and they'll go on ignoring it. You cannot embarrass that bunch of Marxist thugs.

They know exactly what they are doing.

The only way to fix things there is to take the station from them, or if you cannot do that, lobby exhaustively for it to be shut down.

BTW, you're quite correct. Worth would have been no loss. Never been anything but a Trojan horse for the socialists.

Anonymous said...

We can thank the MMP system for this, Richard camel-riding Worth gets voted out by the electorate and gets back in via the list system, that is the biggest rort - list MP's, not esactly democratic, is it.

clummywizz said...

He is such a fuck up artist that I doubt Simpson Grierson would have him back as a consultant as he would undoubtedly increase the indemnity insurance premiums to intolerable levels.