Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Global warming not man-made say Japanese

Obama's budget has extra taxes to combat 'climate change'.
Global warming will no doubt be discussed by John Key and Kevin Rudd.
But is it actually happening?
Well, not according to Japanese scientists, who doubt what we are led to believe.
Anyway, the story broke last week, but it appears not to have made it to New Zealand.
And I haven't found it in any of our blogs either, so here it is.
Three of the five leading scientists contend that recent climate change is driven by natural cycles, not human industrial activity, as political activists argue.
The report continues:
It seems that global warming and the halting of the temperature rise are related to solar activity. Currently, the sun is "hibernating".
Now, there are no or few sun spots, just as there were in the Little Ice Age of 1400-1800, so the years ahead might now get colder.
But that link is inconclusive, along with other factors.
The Japanese thus concluded:
The significance of this is that climate change theory is still dominated by anthropogenic greenhouse gas causation; the IPCC 4th Evaluation Report's conclusion that from now on atmospheric temperatures are likely to continuously, monotonously increase, should be perceived as an unprovable hypothesis; it will be necessary investigate further and to evaluate future predictions as subject to natural variability.
Strange how stories about 'climate change' or its problems being worse than believed make the news, while those that doubt AGW theory do not!


Anonymous said...

Amnazing story there!
And I see that at NOT PC, they go on about the ethics of the researchers.
What about the ethics of the media for iugnoring stories like the japanese scientists, while constantly pushing the others fitting their prejudices.
Thank Christ for bloggers like you for bringing this matter to our attention.
Had you not done so, the MSM filter might have prevented such knowledge seeping into new Zealand.


Unknown said...

Keep in mind, the sun lost most of it's sunspots recently, global warming has been known since the 50's, so the sun could not be causing global warming, just temporally boosting it's effects.