Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Global warming fixed in five minutes flat

Pop this idiot, he is without a doubt the biggest emitter of useless gas and carbon dioxide in this country.
Their code monkey does not allow linking to specific posts so just go to the one that is titled;

Someone please tell National that global warming IS HAPPENING

That is all.



I noticed this post after other reports on AGW, including that big conference of sceptics.
I am planning something for your blog about it.

LaFemme said...

So like the classless, tactless, left; besmirch a dead man who can't defend himself any longer in order to score cheap and sleazy political points.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here folks..its just the lunar cycle working its wonders on some hysterics.

Move on


WAKE UP said...

Actually, the comments following the original blog are more interesting than the post itself.

Heine said...

You can link to his posts. But nonetheless don't bother as his ranting should be kept well away from this blog.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Don't know why you bother reading these people. So 2008.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

FFM,FFS when are you going to sort out your own blog?

Anonymous said...

As alarming as the global warming hoax may be, even more sickening is the preening moral certainty of those who promote it.


Adolf, as i told Lou yesterday, when Barnsley Bill has dealt with the techncal bits and bobs.
He's been very busy unfortunately, playing catch up after last week's rain.
I found a flash blog tremplate that looks like a newspaper and has a special section for video.
But it's too complicated for me to deal with.
Is there anyone else out there who can help? Anyone with some html skills?

Now as for my Global warming post, that will be up at Bransley Bill in a few minutes.


And another thing.
Feel free to cut and paste any of my posts that take your fancy.
Some days you look a little short on content.


There we go

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thanks for the offer FFM.

I haven't received any comment from other authors complaining about lack of content. In fact, the comment volume has marginally increased even though the total number of posts per week has halved. That's kinda like getting more out of less which is what recession busting is all about.

Clunking Fist said...

What about complaints from yer READERS about the lack of posts?

"Dear Sirs and the socialist one,
Could you please put up some more posts, even if they are from that socialist guy? Many thanks
C Fist
Snotgobbler General

ps Not my real name

KG said...

C. Fist: rofl!