Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour not useless after all shock

We did get a useful learning moment out of Earth Hour. My son noticed coverage of it on 3 News, and when they got to the footage of people lighting up candles insteading of switching on the lights, he asked "But wouldn't burning candles be worse for the environment than leaving the lights on?" Correct, mate - all the so much worse for the fact that the bulk of our electricity's being generated from renewable resources. But leaving the lights on doesn't give you that warm feeling of superiority generated by participation in meaningless gestures.

My daughter's contribution to Earth Hour learning moments was to ask whether the windmills above the town are supplying our house's electricity. In the interests of promoting national goodwill and co-operation I told her "Only partly, my girl - it all goes into the national grid, and our house gets its electricity from the national grid. I'm afraid those dirty, dirty Auckland huas are also getting our good clean Manawatu electricity." (I read this on a protest pamphlet a couple of years back, so it must be true.)


Mr Dennis said...

We had some fun at the Dennis house lighting up for Earth Hour. There are photos of our house and M&M's, along with a good collection of what people were doing around the blogs at the Anti Earth Hour blog.

If you have any photos of what you were up to, there's a form to submit them there and I'm sure Andy will put them all up.

Anonymous said...

My kids ran around the house turning all of the lights off and I ran after them yelling "It's not your fault, don't feel guilty, humans haven't caused global warming, it's not your fault, don't believe the lies". The whole thing became quite comical and each light must have been turned on and off about 10 times!

Pique Oil said...

Sometimes I wonder about you PM.
Climate change has meant we in the Manawatu are no longer getting the wind we used to.
Rather than let us suffer the inevitable withdrawal symptoms, the nice people that look after us built Fans on the Tararuas. Then they indulged in a little white lie and told us they were going to generate electricity.
Duh they must think we are all silly, everyone knows that electricity comes from the wall plug, all the way from the south Island Hydro dams.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The Herald dutifully reported that electricity consumption in Auckland during 'Earth Hour' was two percent less that the consumption during the hour following.

Of course they did not report on the relative consumption for the same two respective hours on the same date in 2008. That might just have been embarrassing.

Clunking Fist said...

2%! Wow, it was all worth it.

I forgot to buy cigars, so my Edison hour wasn't as good as forcast.

Observer said...

BEst part of the event for me? Watching the NBC news 24 hours later and hearing that "lights went out from Sydney to Honolulu last night as Earth Hour showed a global desire to reduce carbon emissions and cool the earth"


kehua said...

Milt, I drove over Vinegar Hill on Friday and have to say what a bloody eyesore thos ugly f-ckn Wind Turbines are, what a blot on the landscape. I would feel guilty using the power provided by that blatant assault upon the Manawatu landscape.

Psycho Milt said...

Well, the power from them goes into the national grid, so go ahead and feel guilty. Also: why is it not considered a blot on the landscape to strip the hills of their trees and put up buildings, roads, fences, power pylons etc, but some high tech is considered ugly? Face it - we made those hills ugly when we settled them. The turbines are an improvement.